10 Best Ankle Braces for Volleyball with Great Support

It is very common to get hurt or injured while playing sports, such as golf or tennis. Therefore, it is necessary to take preventive measures to protect yourself from injuries.

If you want to protect your elbow from injuries, it is recommended to wear a tennis elbow brace. By wearing tennis elbow brace, it will protect you from many health conditions, such as epicondylitis cubital tunnel syndrome.

The main purpose of wearing this elbow belt is to put direct pressure on the other side of the elbow, generally around the thickest part of the forearm.

This put pressure on the extensor muscles and reduces the tension of that muscles that link to pain. Therefore, tennis elbow braces do help in reducing the pain and protect the player from severe injuries.

Here are detailed reviews about the best tennis elbows to help you to choose a decent tennis elbow braces to wear.

1.Active Ankle T2

Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace

Active Ankle T2 is a more sophisticated and 10-times-durable version of its successful predecessor T1. In particular, T1 brings along improved stability through its ergonomic design.

One of the key highlights of this ankle brace is its super light custom-molded EVA pads. These EVA pads not only aid in keeping your foot rigid, but they also take up the shape of your ankle to provide great comfort and a fantastic fit.

Active Ankle T2 provides supreme protection to the front and back row volleyball players during their lateral movements, jumping, landing, and under-the-net play.

Also, it comes with a single strap that enables you to put it on and remove off both low-top and high-top shoes very easily. Besides, the strap is super thin, enabling the ankle brace to be worn underneath a sock comfortably.

Lastly, the bilateral hinges in these ankle braces allow full range of motions and their light material makes sure that you wear them for long periods without any obstruction.


2. Zamst A2-DX Strong Support

Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace

Coming from the renowned Japenese manufacturer of the medical Devices “Zamst,” A2-DX is a great Ankle Brace for an athlete looking to protect the ankle from injury.

Also, it is equally effective in protecting a person from an already-injured ankle. A2-DX includes an Exo-Grid inner liner material that is patented for the company.

This material incorporates rigid stabilizers that keep the ankle from rolling. Moreover, Zamst A2-DX features a Grip Tech Technology in the lining that restricts the brace from going out of position.

This will allow you to keep playing an undisturbed game, without making you adjust the brace at short intervals. On top of that, the Exo-Grid and the anchor strap maintain decent separation between the two lower-leg bones.

Hence, reducing the chances of getting high ankle sprains. Moreover, the two lowers straps lash in an X pattern; consequently, securing your feet firmly. Besides, the ankle cuff is compact enough not to appear irritably bulky upon wearing.


3. ASO Ankle Stabilizer

ASO Ankle Stabilizer is one of the most preferred ankle braces for recreational and professional athletes. Also, it establishes itself as one of the widely recommended ankle braces by medical professionals.

One of the strong suits of ASO Ankle Stabilizer is its lashing. It is intelligently designed to make sure that it securely grips your ankle.

The straps crisscross, make a figure eight, and end behind a big Velcro strap. Simultaneously, ASO Ankle Stabilizer not only incorporates laces in it so that it could be tightened according to your comfort.

In turn, it contains an Elastic Cuff that consolidates the securing of laces and straps. On top of that, it is less bulky and can be worn with any shoe.

Similarly, if you are a kind of person that finds it hard to get the right fit, you don’t need to worry at all. ASO Ankle comes in sizes from 2X-Small to 3X-large; making it very accessible for any size of the foot.


4. Neo G Airflow

Neo Ankle Support

Neo G Airflow is ankle support that is exclusively designed for volleyball players looking for protection that doesn’t take a toll on the movement of the foot.

As the name suggests, this ankle support is made with a very breathable and moisture-absorbing Fabric material that allows maximum ventilation during intense matches.

Also, Neo G feels very stretchable upon wearing, and the fact that it can be easily put on like a sock makes it ideal to go with any shoe.

Furthermore, this ankle brace is a class 1 medical device, as approved by the FDA. This adds massively to its credibility as an effective ankle brace.

Besides, it is unisex and can be worn on either of the left or right fight. This flexible ankle brace is ideal for routine volleyball matches, and it is also effective in mild injuries such as sprains, strains, and arthritic joints.

However, it is not recommended in cases where players would be experiencing serious injuries and seeking rigid support.


5. McDavid 195

McDavid 195 Ankle Brace

McDavid 195 is a beast when it comes to ankle support. It is a level 3 ankle brace, i.e., it provides firm stability, together with incredible healing in cases of serious injuries.

This means that it is great for athletes that are suffering from ankle injuries or are in the recovery period. The six-figure strapping pattern of McDavid 195 helps in giving the user great stability.

It also makes sure that there is sufficient ventilation through the ankle brace. The breathability of this ankle brace further limits the chances of getting blisters in long intervals.

Apart from it, the Mc David 195 doesn’t include laces in it so that you could readjust it rather straightforwardly. The weight of the ankle brace is also kept as less as possible, enabling the user to feel light on the feet.

As far as the material is considered, the polyester used for this ankle is rather thick, albeit durable in the long run. With that being said, McDavid 195 can be worn for long durations convincingly.


6. Bracoo Ankle Support

Breathable Neoprene Sleeve

A blend of flexibility and support, Bracoo Ankle Support is exclusively tailored for the athletes that are in the recovery period of the injuries such as muscle strain, tendonitis, ankle arthritis, sprained ligament, etc.

It also caters for ankle-intense sports such as volleyball and reduces the risk of getting ankle injuries. Its open heel design results in excellent flexibility and surely wouldn’t get in the way while you dive laterally, jump and land.

Bracoo Ankle Support comes in a 100 percent neoprene material. This assures that decent ventilation is provided throughout the play, and moisture is kept out of the frame. Other than that, neoprene, being an excellent thermal insulator, keeps the muscle warm and improves and help them recover.

Additionally, this ankle support doesn’t add unnecessary stress on the feet, and you will appreciate how light it would feel upon wearing it. Besides, the straps come with a Velcro that can be affixed anywhere on the surface.


7. Shock Doctor 849

Compression Ankle Brace

From the league of very advanced ankle braces, Shock Doctor 849 is equipped with several features that go on to make it a stable and supportive ankle brace.

In particular, it comes with a lace-up lashing mechanism so that it could be made to sit on the ankle as desired, and a non-slip footbed that keeps it in place.

Shock Doctor adds internal gel padding and pre-curved tongue into the bargain, optimizing the comfort and minimizing the risk of cramping and pinching.

On the other hand, warmth is provided to the affected area by the laces and uppers through compression—discarding the need for extra braces. The open heel design promotes air circulation, and bacterial growth and odors are kept from coming into action.

Shock Doctor 849 further comes under the spotlight by its Performance Level 3. This means that it has medium stability and support for the recovery of strained muscles, sprained ligaments and unsettled joints of moderate to an extreme level.


8. BioSkin Trilok

BioSkin Ankle Brace

The feature that comes under the spotlight is its wrap-around design. This wrap-around feature covers most of your foot, including the heel.

BioSkin Trilok Ankle Brace is a very effective solution to swollen ankles. While many ankle braces struggle to cater for this injury BioSkin Trilok provide amazing stability with the silicone gel pads that smoothly enclose the ankle.

As for the lashing mechanism, the rear and from straps lets the foot slid in and then hold on to them firmly. There is an additional bottom strap that enhances the grip and acts as the shock absorbent while you move so that stress is not relayed to the ankle.

Additionally, the grip can be adjusted by pulling the distinctive Footlok strap of Bioskin Trilok Ankle Brace. This Footlook strap also acts as the replica to the external ligament while protecting the vulnerable ligament at the same time.

Bioskin Trilok Ankle Brace sports a patented Ultima material. This material is chosen to keep a check on breathability and optimum compression.


9. Adidas Adizero

Adidas Ankle Brace

Coming from the iconic sporting goods manufacturers, Adidas Adizero is specially conceived envisioning he needs of a volleyball player. Featuring an athletic look, these ankle braces come with stability in conjunction with the required flexibility for a volleyball player.

Adidas Adizero incorporates a strap that is three times stronger than the conventional athletic tapes. This strap includes a hook-and-loop closure that forms a very simple lashing mechanism.

Whereas, the ankle brace itself is very robust in the lateral protection and employs side stabilizers for reliable protection against ankle rollover.

The material, on the other hand, is moisture-wicking and friction-resistant. Adidas Adizero is super-versatile and fits a wide range of shoe sizes for men and women; the sleeves themselves come in a range from small to XX-large—each size dedicated to three shoe sizes.

On the downside, Adidas Adizero is unique for each of the rights and left foot. This means that you will need to buy a separate ankle brace for each foot if you want to protect both ankles.


10. Ipow Nonslip Breathable Brace

Adjustable Ankle Brace

Belonging to the league of FDA-approved medical devices, IPOW Ankle Support is an ankle brace that comes up with great comfort and stability while playing a challenging sport like volleyball. In addition to that, it is also an effective solution for sprains, tendonitis, and arthritis.

IPOW ankle support provides substantial compression to the ankle; it encourages blood circulation and takes up the strain off the ankles during painful activities. It comes with elastic straps that amplify the fitting of the brace onto the ankle.

The resulted stability comes into great action during intense sports such as volleyball. The pressure on the ankle is moderated by two separate adjustable closures that also make sure that it doesn’t go hard on the blood flow.

The material, sufficiently thin and soft to be worn in shoes, features mesh on its surface that largely contributes to the breathability of the brace. On top of that, the brace feels very light on foot, so wearing it with the shoes won’t be an issue.


Buyer Guide

An appropriate volleyball ankle brace serves more than just a fancy sporting gadget. On the surface, it is hard to realize what sets each of them apart. Nevertheless, when it is about getting the right kind of volleyball ankle brace, the following questions should be thoroughly examined.

What material should I go for?

The ankle braces are usually made of fabric or neoprene. The ones that are made with knit material or fabric are usually more breathable. They enable good ventilation across them; hence, keeping the foot cool. Their breathability also makes sure that the moisture doesn’t sit in for long so that odors, fungal infections, and blisters are kept at bay.

Neoprene, on the other hand, is a rather more flexible material that grips better. It is also used as a healing agent for injuries because of the warmth it provides and blood circulation it ameliorates. However, the warmth can also disturb some players when worn for long periods of time.

What level of adjustability does the manufacturer provide?

An ideal volleyball ankle brace to go for is the one that firmly grips your ankle without putting undue stress on it. With the advent of technology, manufacturers add a variety of lashing mechanisms to ensure that ankle brace yields a snug fit. The adjustability is a strong factor in governing the level of compression the ankle brace would put.

Normally, the volleyball ankle braces come with laces, straps, splints, and fasteners to keep its stability in control. Whatever may be the mechanism, find the ankle brace that fits you well. In the end, a loose brace would not only expose your ankle to vulnerability but also stimulate friction to cause abrasion.

What are the different types of volleyball ankle brace?

The volleyball ankle braces are classified into three categories: Light, semi-rigid and rigid.


Widely known as the compression braces, these ankle braces serve the purpose of treating tendonitis, ankle sprains, swelling, etc. They are made with fabric material that feels light on the foot, is stretchable and very breathable. Upon wearing, these ankle braces offer decent flexibility that permits a tremendous range of motion and rotation.

These ankle braces provide mild compression to the moderately injured ankles. Apart from that, they provide good ankle support and stability for the athletes that look to keep their ankles protected from injuries.


Coming in the Hinged-ankle and lace-up type, these ankle braces import high compression and make them great to go with moderate injuries such as restrained ankle sprain.

The Hinged-Ankle braces employ Velcro straps that adjust their fit, together with pads on the side enhance the comfort level. They allow the user to move the foot up and down, preventing the lateral movement at the same time. On the contrary, Lace-up ankle braces obstruct both sideways and up-and-down motion of the feet. They pretty much tie up the way we tie laces of our shoes according to our fit and comfort.


Perhaps the most formidable of the three is the Rigid ankle braces. These contain thick plastic that is fastened by the Velcro strap. Due to their healing and recovery properties, Rigid ankle braces are recommended for moderate to serious injuries such as intense ankle sprains, fracture, etc. The sophisticated design of these ankle braces provides a very firm grip on the ankle.


No matter how precise a volleyball ankle brace seems like on paper, it might work differently for different people. A brace that is worn most of the time is much more effective than the one that is equipped but usually found in the drawer. Consequently, it would be wise to count strongly on the comfort level of the ankle brace.

If the ankle brace is a snug fit, it is likely to be comfortable. Likewise, the material quality also greatly determines the comfort level of the ankle brace. Lastly, make sure that the compression level compliments your requirement. But before making up your mind on “the one,” do check out all the user reviews on the internet.

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