10 Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support: Like different occasion require different attire, different sports require specific gear. Dressing up for the sport you play is a necessity rather than a luxury. Because of which equipment is designed specifically to cater to that need in particular.

For the case of basketball, basketball shoes are an important factor which can make the difference between making a shot and getting ankle injury. More often than not, the emphasis is shifted to practices, basketballs, and the choice of hoops, rather than the gear being used to play.

Neglecting the primary gear needed, a fine pair of shoes. Basketball is a sport which requires agility. And as it stands to reason, the better you are on your feet, the better you can maneuver, and shift your positions to make the shot. This not only requires your shoes to provide you with friction and stability but also prevent any possibilities of injuries.

Ankle injuries are more common than you think. While most of us credit it to foul play or less practice, the real culprit behind the scenes are our shoes. Shoes designed for regular use cannot take the beating shoes designed for sports can.

Hence the need to invest in a pair of beauties which can enhance your performance significantly is a top priority. However, there are numerous options in the market to choose from.

Making it difficult to select the best one in the search of best ankle support basketball shoes in the market. In order to make the choice convenient for you, the following are some of the best basketball shoes the market has to offer, and you will soon find out why! For those long hours on the court, free from discomfort, here are our top ten picks!

1. Adidas NEO Men’s CF Executor

adidas Men's Cf Executor

When talking about best basketball shoes for ankle support, the name of Adidas is popular far and wide and not without reason.

Adidas itself has a track record of catering towards athlete’s needs and requirements better than anyone else, and for Adidas NEO Men’s CF executor, the case is no different.

Basketball shoes designed for superior performance, matched with a robust built and enriched with durability.


2. Adidas Men’s Rise up 2

adidas Men's Rise up 2

Having Durability at your disposal is a luxury on its own. But then comes the sturdy built embodied in a syntenic construct, Adidas Men’s Rise up 2 is a pair of shoes designed for superior performance.

These shoes are a top tier product, designed for excellence and maximum comfort. I am keeping those pesky ankle injuries at bay. Firm grip matched with a comfortable in padding, these shoes take all the burden off of you.


3. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive

Styling with comfort is some of the best offerings of Adidas. Such as the case for these pair of Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive beauties. Manufactured keeping the need for extra cushioning in mind, these basketball shoes come packed with power.

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive is one of the best products in the market, and not without reason. Paired with a rubber sole, get ready to be large and in charge of the basketball court.


4. Under Armour Curry 3

Under Armour Basketball Shoes

When talking about the basketball shoes with excellent ankle support, Under Armour is one brand which deserves an honorary mention. Breathability is the new norm of the shoe industry, and Under Armour Curry 3 Basketball Shoes are built keeping that in mind.

Multiple sizes available in the market make these pair of wonders ideal for an array of users, whether big or small shoe size, Under Armour, has the right fit for all.


5. Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation

Adidas Performance

When it comes to durability, these pair of basketball shoes top the chart and not without reason. With their fine Leather and fabric composition, these pair of basketball shoes are nothing less than the embodiment of durability.

Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation have a grip designed for the outsole coverage of the entire shoe. Keeping is secure and durable for those easy bumps on the court.


6. Under Armour Preschool Jet

Under Armour Preschool Jet

These pair of shoes are designed for a great thing, with their Die-cut EVA sock liner with the antimicrobial top for protection from bacteria. These pair of basketball shoes are Built with a superior textile and synthetic material.

Under Armour Pre School Jet 2017 are a must-have pair of shoes. The upper mesh design is built to provide not just comfort but also breathability.


7. Under Armour Grade School Jet

Under Armour Grade School Jet

Having the option of breathability is a luxury on its own, but what is better is having your feet dry. With a high shaft comes the luxury of extra protection.

Under Armour Grade School Jet with its unique and stylish design are built to withstand anything you through at it. All while keeping your feet dry and bacteria free as you go about your day to day business.


8. Adidas Performance Men’s Amplify

Adidas Performance Men’s Amplify

Having comfort in your sports gear is a must-have necessity. More often than not, the need for comfort gets neglected. Fortunately, now no more! With a comfortable EVA stock line, matched with lightweight adiprene footbed, the Adidas Performance Men’s Amplify Basketball Shoe is one of the best products in the market.

9. Nike Men’s Prime Hype DF II

Nike Men’s Prime Hype DF II

Support has another name and it is Nike Men’s Prime Hype DF II Basketball Shoes. Preventing ankle bruises and providing support is a top priority, for you and Nike Men’s Prime Hype DF II Basketball Shoes alike.

The standard features are greatly enhanced by Nike in this product to provide you with the extra nudge your rightfully deserve. With the extra emphasis being allocated to comfort alone, these pair of providing better toe protection


10. Nike Men’s Zoom Devosion

Nike Men’s Zoom Devosion

Supporting multidirectional movement is a task made easy with Nike Men’s Zoom Devosion Basketball Shoes. These pair of beauties offer more than just ankle support but also take extra care to ensure that the heel of the wearer remains secure at all times.

During most basketball matches, our heels undergo excessive pressure at times and hence demand excess support. A task made simple with Nike Men’s Zoom Devosion Basketball Shoes.


Buyer Guide

Whenever you are buying basketball ankle support sneakers, there are a lot of things that you should consider before making any decision. As you are investing a significant amount in this product, you don’t want it to go to waste. This is why we have made a buying guide for you so you can properly research the item before spending any cash on it.


When it comes to best basketball shoes for ankle support, comfort is a priority. Getting basketball shoes is an easy task; however, getting the right ones is a task on its own.

Hence when you go out to purchase basketball shoes, prioritize comfort over everything else. Even when walking, our feet endure a lot of burden and stress than we give them credit for.

This burden and stress are amplified when playing a sport and even the slightest amount of pressure at the wrong angle can cause discomfort to say the very least. Hence when selecting a basketball shoe, emphasize on comfort above everything else.

Traction and Sole

Traction and sole is an extremely important thing to consider when you want to buy best basketball shoes for ankle support.

Good traction will make sure that you don’t slip while playing the game in the court or anywhere else
If you are investing a significant amount of money in these shoes, you don’t want them to become useless after a few months of use.

That’s why it is important to make sure that you research well regarding the traction and sole of the shoes.

You don’t want to slip all over the court in your barely used shoes, so the best thing that you can do is properly research the traction and sole of the shoes before you buy them.

If you see that a certain sole has a lot of complaints and people are giving it negative reviews you should stay away from that item.


Shoe fitting is a subject on its own. The fitting has more to do with how well the built of the shoe accommodates your feet over what your shoe size is.

While most of us do purchase the right pair of shoes and in the right size, this does not guarantee how they will fit.
As feet have high and low arches, the built of the shoes should have enough cushion to fit the shape of your feet accordingly. Any more or any less than the ideal would compromise your performance on the court to say the very least.

Hence prioritize fitting when you are going shoe shopping, as the ideal fit is more than your shoe size.


It comes as a shock to none that the material of the shoe matter. With an array of various options and materials available in the market, you can/t help but wonder, do they make a difference? Of course, they do! The material selection is an important process before making the purchase.

Usually, textile and synthetic material alone is not enough of a reason for you to make the purchase.

To accurately get the best results out of your investment, invest in details. Go for mesh shoes with breathable technology to avoid irritation. Go for rubber soles to avoid wear and tear and more.


Price matters a lot. The amount you are willing to invest in the pair of shoes is greatly dependent on your purpose of use.

For example, you wouldn’t or shouldn’t be willing to invest big bucks for a profession tier pair of basketball shoes if your use is limit to occasional amateur basketball matches.

Hence deciding on a budget concerning which shoes you want and to meet which purpose is a top priority. Picking a price is the easy part; however, filtering out the requirements based on the price selected is a task on its own.


When selecting basketball shoes, durability is not an option. Every basketball shoe pair you opt for should showcase durability.

As most sports shoes tend to be subjected to heavy pressure and are used to the max, they require the best of the best materials.

To flaunt consistency of performance and getting the job done with great ease. Hence when selecting a pair of basketball shoes, be sure to go for the most durable pair you can find.

A good way to get to know about the durability of the product is to look for hands-on reviews of those shoes before you decide to buy them. This will save you from wasting your money on a bad quality product.


While buying basketball shoes with ankle support, another thing that you should always keep in mind is to get a pair that suits your personality and your style of game well.

Style and aesthetics go a long way when it comes to sports gear, and same is the case with basketball shoes.
As much as you are concentrating on the quality of the product and the level of comfort that it is providing you, you should also make sure that you get something that reflects who you are as a person and as a player.

You should select the pair whose colors and style is according to your personality because it will give you an amazing confidence boost when you are out there on the court. It also helps you in standing out amongst the crowd.

What is the best ankle support shoes for basketball for me?

The pair of shoes you select will depend greatly on what your requirements are. While most of the shoe mention do fulfill the general criteria, what is best for you might not be best for another. Hence the evaluation Metrix is relative.

Why do I get Shoes with a Mesh built?

The concept behind opting for a shoe with a mesh built is to promote ventilation. As most shoes tend to get irritating and uncomfortable without having ventilation properties in them, all of this can be alleviated by investing in a mesh-built shoe.

Which Brand is better for me?

When selecting a pair of shoes for basketball, there exists numerous sports brands or brands catering to athletes. Hence limiting your options to one brand alone is not recommended. Instead, we suggest using your requirements to filter out a brand which best caters to your needs.

Why is Ankle injury a concern?

Basketball is a highly demanding sport, it requires being agile and quick on one’s feet, and however, there exist the possibilities of injuries. One such daunting possibility is that of an ankle injury. Spraining or even breaking an ankle is common.

Final Verdict

When selecting the best sneakers for ankle support, it best to keep your options open. With the market having various products to choose from, it is time to set your priorities straight.

There is no one universal pair of shoes that are ideal for everyone, but instead, shoes in their variety cater to specific needs and requirements.

Therefore, it is necessary to get them in order before making a purchase. If you are still unsure about where you stand, buy a pair of basketball shoes which gets the job done without costing an arm and a leg.

If the price isn’t a concern but performance is, opt for the most expensive pair. I am keeping in mind that a higher price often does not guarantee higher performance.

Hence, we recommend prioritizing comfort. Comfort on its own is a luxury which guarantees a performance boost.

So, when you are in the market for the best pair of basketball shoes, opt for the most comfortable ones — all while having the room and option to ventilate. This will make your performance on the court ten folds better and prevent possible ankle injuries.

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