Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Traction in 2020

Searching for best basketball shoes for traction that are appropriate for your feet is a tough task. The proper fitting of any shoe is directly linked to the overall performance of any player in the ground.

This is why it is essential that the player must choose the type of basketball shoes that fit him well and are comfortable to wear during the game. One of the most significant things that players look for in a basketball shoe is its traction or grip

If the friction of a shoe is higher, there is an excellent chance that a player will be able to perform two times better in the court than usual. On the other hand, if a players shoe does not have a good grip or traction, he is more likely to perform ruthless or average than expected.

Therefore, choosing the best traction basketball shoes is very critical especially for the players who compete in professional matches.

When it comes to selecting the right traction basketball shoe, there are so many varieties to choose from in the market. Some diverse models are available that often perform differently depending on the quality of the court, the playing style of the player and rubber compounds that are used in a specific colorway.

Everybody interested in playing basketball recognizes how essential it is to have the correct shoes while playing on the court. There are a lot of factors encompassed into the designs of shoes that can significantly disturb your game performance.

Of course, as a player, you want to appear and feel good when in performance, but the bazaar thinks of the shoes is overwhelming, and with the range of varieties, you can never be sure which ones you should pick for yourself.

Without further ado, let us walk you through the top 10 basketball shoes for traction and enable you to make an informed decision.

1. Adidas Cf Ignition Mid

Adidas Cf Ignition Mid

Companies like Adidas are fully aware of the needs of their customers and always provide them with the best. Adidas Cf Ignition Mid is an exemplary work of this company.

These shoes have Cloudfoam cushioning that gives you an optimal amount of comfort and support. Moreover, the shoes are packed with padded collars and tongue to improve your practice on the court.

They also have an upper of woven mesh and contain embroidered details that are designed to give them a unique and stylish look. This mesh not only enhances the beauty of the shoes but it also gives you a feeling of lightness.

The synthetic heel is there to give your feet a tight and firm grip, to give you ultimate ankle support and to secure your feet during the game.


2. Under Armour Rocket 3

Under Armour Rocket 3

These basketball traction shoes for men are an excellent choice for stern and fashionable players.

The makers of Under Armour Rocket 3 has combined comfort with performance and ha inserted an ankle collar in their product made up of lightweight leather upper with perforations to give maximum breathability to your feet.

Micro G foam is used in the making of underfoot to give more cushioning and sock liner that casts to your feet.


3. NIKE Hyperdunk 2016 TB

NIKE Hyperdunk 2016 TB

With the launch of NIKE Hyperdunk 2016 TB, the company has proved once again that they can serve you excellent performance on the court while looking right at the same time.

These shows are best if you want to work on improving your quick on-court moves. A zoom cushioning system has been installed in these shoes to enhance your performance on the court and to decrease any external impact to make your push-off speedier.


4. NIKE Air Versitile Nubuck

NIKE Air Versatile Nubuck

With the launch of NIKE Hyperdunk 2016 TB, the company has proved once again that they can serve you excellent performance on the court while looking right at the same time.

These shows are best if you want to work on improving your quick on-court moves. A zoom cushioning system has been installed in these shoes to enhance your performance on the court and to decrease any external impact to make your push-off speedier.


5. CJZHE Men’s Casual Net Shoes


If you want to explore the world of basketball shoes for dusty courts while staying on a budget, then CJZHE might be an excellent option for you.

This band offers high-quality shoes and that too on a meager budget. The boots are prepared with breathable mesh and have a sock-like feeling to them.

Due to the addition of rubber soles, these shoes are prone to slipping and give you full control of over your movements. Even though the price of CJZHE shoes is only 27 dollars, but its material does not feel cheap at all.


6. Adidas Mad Bounce

Adidas Mad Bounce

If a core concern when you are purchasing best traction basketball shoes is whether you can wear them on both indoor and outdoor playgrounds or not then the Mad Bounce version will prove to be an excellent option for you.

They have a bounce cushion which is praised by a lot of customers, and a vast majority of them have stated that they got rid of their joint soreness after using these shoes.

Adidas Mad Bounce is a mixture of knit uppers and fused mesh that gives them very well-balanced protection and shock absorption. There are forged panels on both sides of these shoes so as to enhance their lateral support.


7. NIKE Kyrie 3

NIKE Kyrie 3 Basketball Shoes

If choosing the right color for your best traction basketball shoes is your primary concern, then Nike has got you covered with this product. They are giving more than 20 colors for this pair of shoes only.

This model is assured to suit your taste, and you will be able to wear them even with your daily outfits. Most of the buyers love the traction of these shoes and say that they are very sticky, so you have a good grip in both indoor and outdoor games.

NIKE Kyrie 3 Basketball Shoes have a perfect cushioning system and make shoes feel very comfortable.

Kyrie 3 is much better than Kyrie 2 in terms of its material. Primary features of mesh have been used on foot, and a toe through the flex zone at the forefoot is made up of foam layers reinforced with Flywire.


8. Adidas D Lillard 3

Adidas D Lillard 3

It is an original pair of shoes that can be used professionally without any doubt. They are available in more than thirty colors.

You can comfortably wear them all day because their comfort level is unmatched with any other product in the market.

The only problem with these shoes is that its traction can attract dust and dirt and if you don’t wipe or clean them frequently, it will lose the style and durability.


9. Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive

Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive

These shoes are a great balance of performance and suitable materials. Due to the presence of coral reef patterns, it is easy for players to transit into any movement without putting a lot of effort.

You will experience a good stopping power in these shoes that will allow you to move freely and be in complete charge of your game. Its neoprene and primeknit material are fused with the upper mesh to provide you extreme durability and lockdown.

When you have a good fit, cushioning and lockdown, you will end up having ultimate sustenance in all areas of your gameplay.


10. Nike Kobe AD Mid

Nike Kobe AD Mid

Nike Kobe AD Mid basketball sneakers are acknowledged for giving exceptional grip to the feet of a player. These shoes are counted amongst the most beautiful best traction basketball shoes due to the fantastic possibilities it offers to its consumers.

These potentials include a diversity of designs, colors, styles, and sizes. They have Flywire cables that keep your feet firmly locked even during the most strenuous movements.

Midsole has lunarlon foam inside which provides soft feel combined with premium cushioning to give immense comfort and smooth playing.

There is a unit of Zoom Air in the heel which is there to provide approachable cushioning that makes your fiery strength shine during the play.


Buyer Guide

Some of the key factors that you need to keep in mind before buying basketball shoes have been described below:

Basketball is one of the most popular team sports in the world which enthuses and indulges everyone in the play. There are basketball fans wherever you go, and you will always find kids and boys practicing it regularly.

This game also encourages a great fitness routine, training routine and is also very fun to play. If you plan on playing basketball professionally or personally, there is one more thing you need to acknowledge apart from your core skills for the game.

Basketball demands frequent movement and so all that running and walking can put great strain on your feet, ankles, knees, toes, and back. For this purpose, the most crucial item is a good pair of best traction basketball shoes.

Performance Style of the Player

In this game, there are majorly three types of players i.e., all-rounder players, fast players, and power players. All three categories have different types of requirements when it comes to choosing the right basketball shoes for traction.

An all-rounder player has to be the most versatile so they must buy shoes with good cushioning and light ankle support. Fast players are ornate when it comes to the weight of the shoes. They have to give performance movements that are rapid so that they can score points for their team.

This is why they are always looking for shoes with lightweight which should not be a hindrance for their fast play. For power players, a basketball shoe with enhanced cushioning is essential. They always pay attention to comfort since they need more movement than other players in the court.

Shoe Build

Basketball shoes come with a variety of structures so you can easily select one according to your requirements. Upper is a component of basketball shoes that helps in maintaining the snugness of the foot and keeps it from any stress or injury during the game.

The cuts of basketball shoes are usually grouped into 3 further categories, i.e., high-top shoes (safeguard ankles from any kind of injury), mid-top models (ideal for fast players and are more lightweight than high-top shoes) and low-cut type (usually worn in regular days and serve more like a street shoe rather than a professional one).

Material of the Shoe

Basketball Shoes for traction are either made up of synthetic leather or canvas leather. Natural leather is no longer in used to make basketball shoes and the majority of manufacturers are now consuming synthetic leather to make sneakers.

Synthetic leather shoes are a more appropriate choice for the players because it offers great stability, flexibility, durability, and breathability to the shoe. Unlike other materials used for making basketball shoes, synthetic leather is also very light in weight and is unmatched to any other form of leather in the market.


How to determine the best basketball traction shoe?

The best basketball shoe is always going to be the one that can provide you good comfort and even better grip on the court. Shoes that are made of synthetic leather and have rubber insoles are the best to be used professionally. If budget is not an issue then Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive, NIKE Kyrie 3 Basketball Shoes, and Adidas Mad Bounce are some options that you can look for. These shoes are lightweight, give good traction, breathable and support rapid running and movement during gameplay.

What is the importance of closure setup in a basketball shoe?

Closure setup is very important to keep your feet protected during side-by-side motions, sudden stops, and fast turns. These setups include Velcro, dependable laces, zippers, and straps. Most of the players prefer laces because they are easy to tie and also give protection from ankle rolls but many professional players now prefer zippers because they function just like straps and are very helpful for people who are not really into tying up laces or Velcro closures.

What cushioning materials are best for basketball shoes with traction?

Padding and cushioning are one of the most important features of a basketball shoe. Cushioning is used in making sneakers to provide maximum comfort to the player during a game. For better cushioning in a shoe gel or fiber is used commonly which not only gives a lightweight feeling but also gives good support and traction to the feet.

What are some performance pillars of basketball shoes?

Some of the most impactful features that contribute to the overall worth of basketball shoe are:
Traction– the pattern of a shoe, its shape and material decides if it will be able to enhance a players grip on the court. To achieve extreme traction, your shoes shouldn’t collect dust and dirt from the court surface, support natural arch of your feet and have a sole that is made out of rubber so it can remain free of dirt and debris and rather repel it so you can easily play on different types of surfaces.
Support– it is the ability of the shoe to bear weight, activity, and shape of the player during a competition. To have better support, make sure you check out the heel, midfoot, toe, ankle and laces of the shoes to get maximum flexibility and stability according to the needs of your performance.

How playing style is important in buying a basketball shoe?

Playing style besides body type can offer you a really decent impression of what you should look for in your shoe. Ball handlers need good support so they can keep their strength throughout the game. Shooters, on the other hand, are looking for more traction in a shoe. This is because they cut a lot, ump and make more movements on a court than any player in the court.

Final Verdict

There is no way a person can try out all kinds of shoes on their feet when buying basketball sneakers. Some shoes might be a great fit for you but others might impress you either with their design or their grip on the ground. Before you go for the perfect pair, you should look at the shoes that are made up of more flexible materials so they can easily adjust to your feet and make you sweat less during the game.

One must buy those basketball shoes that offer maximum traction to the ground and have some kind of cushioning system in them to enhance your comfort level and to make the pair more durable and hard to wear off. When playing basketball, a good player would like to avoid falling, tipping and slipping on the floor. For this, they must always choose a pair of shoes from companies such as Nike, Adidas, and Armour.

These companies offer a wide range of stylish and colorful shoes that are easy to wipe and can easily be protected from dust and filth so you have more grip on the court. These shoes are not just trendy and flamboyant but have several other great features in them to add more power and competence in your game.

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