Comprehensive Guide to the Perfect Basketball Size for Your Kids

If your child is playing basketball daily and is showing his eagerness to learn how to shoot good then as a parent, you need to make sure they are playing with the right sized ball. Basketballs are available in the market in different sizes ranging from 1 till 7.

All these basketballs have different size numbers due to their different circumferences and even though they all differ from each other on small variations but it can make a huge difference in a player’s performance. Some of the different sizes available for basketballs are elaborated below with the age appropriateness alongside the circumference and net weight.

Read along to make an informed decision about the perfect one for your kid. After all, it’s about the training and performance of your little champ. There is no compromise to be made in this regard.

What size Basketball for 4 years old?

Nerf toys can be used for kids who are 4 years old. They have a 16-inch circumference and weigh about 8 oz. This ball is designed specifically for babies and toddlers up to 4 years of age. These basketballs are made up of soft materials and are very different from a real one because the body of playing babies at this age is very vulnerable and they are awkward playing with the thing.

So, they will only use the ball to explore and learn how to pick stuff up instead of playing an actual game. Buying a basketball that’s bigger than their size will not only be a waste of money, but it will also be very useless for your toddler.

What size Basketball for 5 years old?

Mini basketballs are usually recommended for kids who are 5 years old. They have a 22-inch circumference and weigh around 10 oz. A lot of people refer to this type of basketball as a mini basketball. There are so many mini basketballs that are sold to the customers along with their entire kit but do not forget to check the size of the product before making a purchase.

This type of basketball is ideal for playing if your child is above 4 years of age and the best part is that they can continue to play with this same sized ball until they are 8 years old. Mini basketball only comes with a mini hoop for playing. There is no court attached at all so nobody can play with it on a professional level.

What size Basketball for 6 years old?

For kids who are 6 years or older, size 3 basketballs are the best for playing. They have a 22-inch perimeter and weigh up around 10 oz. Various size 3 basketballs are retailed to the clients along with hoops and other accessories but are sure of the size before purchasing as there is a fine line between size 3 and size 4 basketballs and the difference among them is also very minor. This is the age where a kid finally starts to learn the purpose and proper use of a basketball and therefore this size is right to fit in their hands so they can fully grasp the ball and aim for the goal.

What size Basketball for 7 years old?

Size 4 basketball is very much suitable for a kid age 7 years. These types of basketballs have a circumference of about 25.5 inches and weigh 14 oz. Approximately. This size basketball is designed especially for all those girls and boys who are interested in playing basketball with a hoop from the age of 5 years.

When they are 8 years or older, they may find that size 3 basketball is just too small for them and by the time they are 9 years old they will start demanding that you buy a bigger size basketball for them. They do so because their bodies are growing and they are more capable of showing strength and stamina than they used to. Bigger basketball means they are ready to learn the basics of a professional game that they will soon incorporate in the court.

What size Basketball for 8 years old?

For kids who are 8 years, size 4 is still the most suitable one. They should use a basketball with a circumference of 25 inches and weight 14 oz. It is essential to give an 8-year-old the right kind of basketball so they can develop proper shooting techniques.

They should be fully ready before they can have the power and energy to shoot a much heavy ball than this. This way they will learn how to shoot with one hand, proper placement of their grip on the ball and ways to avoid chucking the basketball during the game.

What size Basketball for 9 years old?

Size 5 basketballs are very well suited for a 9-year-old girl or boy. With 27.5 inch circumference and 17 oz. Weight, this size basketball can be used by both girls and boys in high school. This ball is handy for beginner learning as its circumference, and the overall weight is lighter than the next size.

Through this size basketball, young players can learn to play hoops and practice themselves to get ready for the next size so once they are old enough to play with a size 6 ball; they already know the basics, to begin with.

What size Basketball for 10 years old?

Size 6 basketball is referred to be used here because it is more substantial than all the above-defined basketballs. They have a circumference of about 28.5 inches and weigh about 20 oz. These basketballs have been designed in such a way that they are light and small to hold for the young player.

This size basketball is though used professionally; it can also be used to teach the game to students of college too. This basketball works very well with the inground basketball hoop systems and is usually used by the women because they may not be able to move beyond this number due to small hands. Boys, on the other hand, can practice with size 6 and then gradually start using size 7 basketball.

What size Basketball for 11 years old?

When a kid hit 11 years, size 7 basketball can be given to him/her. This size basketball has a 29.5-inch circumference and 22 oz. Weight makes this basketball the heavier than all the basketballs in the list. This ball is used by boys who are in high school and colleges and for all the adults who want to play the game professionally.


To summarize the size chart of basketball, the younger the kid, the smaller will be the size of the ball. When playing other games like baseball or football, there are a lot of turns in the shoulders hips and waist areas, but when you play basketball, the player needs to be squared up near the hoop and use his legs to generate power to make a goal.

The shoulders are supposed to stay square and not move in another direction. So if the ball is too heavy for the player, it will be challenging for them to make a shot and they will have to twist their shoulders and waist to get the ball in the hoop.

Starting the kid with the apt size of the ball will be very helpful in making him/her comfortable during the game, and they will also be able to gain confidence in themselves before they can begin playing professionally. Therefore, make sure you are buying an age-appropriate basketball for your boy/girl so they can enjoy playing while learning.

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