7 Best Callaway Irons Top Picks & Complete Guide

Golf has been the game played by world-class laureates. It has been considered one of the classic and stylish sports. This classic does require good and classic equipment to play with.

One of the major golf equipment is clubs. There are different types of the club in the bag of a golfer. If you are professional, there can be up to 14 clubs in the bags. All of this depends on the player.

Clubs are of four major types, driver, putter, hybrid, and irons. Irons constitute the major portion in the bag. Iron is mainly the club with a flat face. The purpose of iron is to slide or hit the ball towards the hole.

Therefore, the iron is used to hit shots of variable length, ranging from few yards to up to 20 yards. To hit the ball farther than 200 yards, the driver is used. Thus iron has small shafts so the ball can be pushed towards the hole more precisely.

There have been several companies manufacturing golf products, Callaway has been one of the leading brands in this regard. In this article, we will compare some of the best irons manufactured by the company and will also see the pros and cons of every product

1. Callaway Rogue X Iron set

Callaway Rogue X 2020 iron set

Call away has been manufacturing world-class golf equipment which is entertaining the gofers. This year Callaway has launched the new version of rogue x, i.e. rogue X 2020. Like other clubs, set it to contain driver and iron sets.

Iron sets in the version contain 5PW and 6PW. To keep the ball on the track and towards the target, many features have been added to these iron sets.

The shaft is made up of graphite or steel. The face of the iron is of variable thickness. This feature is called VFT. Variable face thickness helps the golfer to choose the iron according to the distance of the hole from the golfer.

Due to the large option available, the golfer can select the iron by considering loft and shaft length, to hit the ball in the green.

Urethane microsphere technology is the magnificent feature of these irons. At the time of impact of the ball, the lower edge of the iron vibrates fiercely and makes an unpleasant sound.

To eliminate the vibration and to provide soothing sound at the time of effect, urethane microsphere insulation is added. This decreases vibration and provides a soothing effect.


2. Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Iron Sets

Callaway golf Mavrik max 2020 iron sets

Callaway has launched three new Mavrik clubs, Mavrik, Mavrik max, and Mavrik pro. For beginners and non-professionals, Mavrik max is the product of choice.

Mavrik max iron set came in the 6PW and 8PW sets, which provide great options to the golfer according to the shot of his choice.

Designed with artificial intelligence machinery, the irons are a complex piece of art in themselves. AI provides the best precision to meet the demand of the golfer.

Moreover, the shaft of the irons is made up of graphite or steel with optimum weight. 360 technology of the head provides maximum forgiveness. Among the Mavericks, Mavrik max provides the maximum forgiveness. A larger headpiece adds another benefit to this feature.

Thus these iron sets are suggested for beginners and non-professional who tend to make more errors than usual. Further, the Mavrik max has been regarded with the feature of easy launch, throwing the ball to the desired location.

Thus it has a club with a lower loft in the set, providing more distance cover at the time of the hit. To hit the ball high in the air, Mavrik max iron set also contain a club to do the job


3. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Iron sets

Callaway big bertha B21 iron sets

Callaway is always moving towards providing a better option to its users with time. The company has always targeted the vast majority of its users to provide a maximum enjoyable game to them.

Callaway big bertha B21 has been one of the products which have targeted different types of users/players this time. The most unique feature of these iron sets is the offset of the irons. Offset provides more precision to the ball and the ball will go straighter rather than go off to the path.

Further, the product is equipped with a urethane microsphere to avoid vibration and to increase the smoothness of the sound. The center of gravity of the product is well managed and kept lower, providing a good spin.

Taking the spin, the product is more suitable for the players who have slow spin speed and cannot hit the ball with more force. Thus aged and beginners will find this product most suitable for themselves.


4. Callaway Mavrik Max Individual Iron Set

As described earlier, Callaway has always tried to satisfy its vast majority. Every golfer is not rich enough to buy the whole bag of the clubs or to buy the whole set of irons. Thus depending upon the hand of the golfer, the player can also buy a single piece of iron.

Mavrik max has been the product that provides the maximum forgiveness to the handicappers. This is due to various reasons. One of them is the large size of the head which eliminates the miss-hits caused by the golfer.

Further, the head is designed with AI technology which provides the precision of every feature in the head. 360 technology adds to this feature and thus providing more swing and better impact with the ball.

The lower loft angle helps in hitting the ball to a great distance with great precision.


5. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Single Iron

As mentioned, every golfer is not rich enough to buy the whole set of his desired irons. Thus Callaway has manufactured single iron pieces of most of its products to satisfy the need of such players.

Callaway big bertha B21 has been one of the magnificent pieces of art manufactured by the company. The individual unique feature of the B21 individual iron, the good loft angle, and more offset.

Moderate loft angle hits the ball high in the air as well as to the great distance. More offset provides the straighter hit as compared to other irons.

The urethane microsphere has minimized the vibration with increased smoothness in the sound. 360 technology helps in providing high forgiveness and thus makes the game more enjoyable, even for beginners.

Adjusted CG and proper length of the shaft helps in hitting the ball with great force despite less swing power. This feature also helps the older player and bingers, which tends to miss-hit the ball a lot and have low swing power.


6. Callaway Golf Rogue X Hybrid

Like other clubs in the bag has their unique features, the hybrid has its importance in the bag. There can be more than one hybrid club in the bag of the golfer.

As the name indicates, hybrid clubs contain the feature of the two most important types of clubs i.e. wooden driver and iron. The shape of the hybrid is also the combo of both, with a big head of the driver and the flat face of the iron.

As the hybrid has to do the job of both driver and the iron, it has to acquire the feature of both. More lifting power like driver and straighter flight like iron. To attain this, the balancing center of gravity is the main feature.

The CG of the rogue X hybrid is deep and lower, providing optimal spin to hit the ball with power. Moreover, Callaway has added jailbreak technology to the hybrid head. This increases the downwards CG and thus provides a more optimal hit.


7. Call Away Big Bertha B21 Hybrid

Like the hybrid of rogue x, big bertha also contains the feature of both driver and iron. But big bertha is equipped with its unique features to facilitate the game of the players.

The face of the hybrid is made up of SS21 flash technology. This technology provides more forgiveness by providing more hitting spots. Moreover, the jailbreak technology of the Callaway has added to the feature and provides more forgiveness.

Tungsten weights are added to the head to keep the center of gravity lower and deep. This provides the goof spin and thus more power at the time of impact.

Urethane decreases the vibration and increases the sound of the impact.



As mentioned earlier, there are up to 4 types of clubs in the bag. Each club has its unique feature and property. The job of the driver is to start the game by hitting the ball with a high loft and more power, so the ball can travel the maximum distance.

The second most common club used is the iron set. Irons are mostly in the set of 4 to 6 clubs. These numbers can vary according to the set of the club. Iron is used to hit the ball from a close to moderate distance.

This means, after starting the game from the driver, the next choice of the golfer is iron, to send the ball towards the hole.

Hybrid is the type of club that is the blend of the driver and iron, containing features of both. Thus hybrids have moderate loft angle to hit the ball high and to a great distance at the same time

The loft or angle of loft decides the flight of the ball. More loft means the ball will lift high in the air and thus might travel less distance.

The clubs with high loft hit the ball in such a way that the ball spin is high and thus providing resistance in the area to avoid traveling great distances.

The clubs with less loft tend to hit the ball flattened and thus the ball will travel more distance. Most professional golfers try to use the club with less loft so they can hit the ball to the farther at once.

It is important in golf as it describes the outcomes of the game.

Perfect loft with perfect spin can put a player in the winning position at the start of the game. Hence make the game easier for the player.

As the word is self-explanatory, forgiveness in golf is the amount of error or mistakes mitigated by the club. Clubs with more forgiveness will help the non-professionals more.

Thus before buying a suitable club, in addition to other things like loft and lie, forgiveness should also be considered. If the golfer is new in the field, the forgiveness will help while hitting the straight and distant shots.

Spin rate has a major influence on the height and distance of a shot. A high spin rate is an enemy, particularly when hitting into the wind. One way to reduce spin is to hit a lower lofted club.

More loft tends to increase the ball spin. As the ball is spinning in the reverse direction, it causes air friction and thus travels less. The power of the club at the time of impact also affects the spin of the ball.

Clubs with high loft and high power will spin the ball faster and thus the ball will go high in the air but travel less distance in forwarding direction.

Thus ball spin and flight angle of the ball matters a lot while hitting the ball in the air with the club.

Several trademark brands like Callaway have been manufacturing golf clubs with a varying price range. A club set can range from 1000 to 2000$.

The players which could not afford to buy them can buy a single club to fulfill their quench of fame. Single iron can be up to 250$.

Moreover, talking about the hybrids, which can be used for both driver and iron, the price range can be up to 600$. Thus every golfer can buy sports equipment according to his need.

Due to a large number of commercially available brands for golf, beginners can buy the desired club with ease. Some of the features should be kept in mind while buying a club for beginners.

● Avoid wasting a lot of money on the clubs initially. First, buy a single club and habituate yourself with that club.
● A hybrid club will be beneficial as it is of great applications.
● Loft angle of the golf should be moderate, i.e. up to 10o
● Should have maximum forgiveness.
● Should have Low and deep CG


In concluding remarks, it is evident that what features should be possessed by good iron sets and good individual iron, and good hybrid club. In this article, some of the best irons have been described with their relevant pros and cons.

Each iron and iron set possessed its unique feature. This feature is dependent on the type of iron. Iron can contain up to 7 or sometimes 8 irons which can be chosen according to the game.

Irons are used to hitting the ball from low to moderate range. These are best to hit the ball up to 200 yards. More specifications of the iron can be selected according to the user.

Some of the frequently asked questions have also been discussed in this article to eliminate the confusion of the reader and newbies. Thus this will also provide some of the best Callaway irons ever.

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