What are the Best Edgeless Pickleball Paddles?

As the tournament proceeds towards the end, the figures representing yours and your opponent’s hard work on the scoreboard are the same. This very last shot will be your only chance of proving yourself to the world.

The tension in the air rises, as the ball makes its way to you through the air. You raise your paddle in the air and BAM! A figure on the scoreboard surpasses the other, but that’s not yours.

Unfortunately, the edge of your Pickleball paddle became a hindrance between the ball and the about-to-be history-making hit.

The tournament might not have provided with a new entry in the records of best shots, but it certainly knocked sense into our heads. It’s time to equip ourselves with the latest and the best edgeless pickleball paddles and avoid such accidents in the future.

Since the market is flooding with this recent ingenious design of Pickleball paddles, it is quite difficult to select the best. To assist you in selecting the best, here’s a quick guide to the best edgeless pickleball paddles manufactured till date.

1. Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddle

Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddle

The precision-engineering of the Franklin Sports Pickleball paddle provides a larger surface area. The enhanced sweet spot, combined with the edgeless design, offers excellent playability.

Also, the inclusion of carbon honeycomb center provides a remarkable bounce. The 4.75-inch grip does not merely guarantee refined playing experience, but also adds convenience.

Apart from the modern construction, the Franklin Sports Pickleball paddle comes in green design and weighs merely 8.6 ounces.

The product is one of the best edgeless Pickleball paddles as the company has designed it regardless of gender and player level.


2. Amazin Aces Bainbridge

Amazin' Aces 'Bainbridge' Pickleball Paddle

Manufactured by a young but promising brand, the “Bainbridge” Pickle Paddle is an all-embracing paddle that serves the needs of novice players as well as that of advanced players.

The rimless 16-inches long and 8-inches wide paddle weighs only 7.9 ounces. The lightweight construction aims to empower the player with both control and convenience.

Despite the lightweight design, this Pro Series model has a relatively long lifespan and sturdy built. Depicting expert craftsmanship, its blend of graphite, fiberglass, and aluminum honeycomb core brings about better functioning as well as a smoother finish.


3. Gearbox Seven Pro

Gearbox Seven Pickleball Paddle

The Gearbox Seven Pro Pickleball Paddle is a favorite option amongst different players ranging from beginner to expert.

The company has manufactured to guarantee comfort with the Teardrop Edgeless design adds swiftness to movements and offers enhanced maneuverability as well as control.

However, it also means a lesser sweet spot rather than oval or more full Pickleball paddle shapes. Moreover, the Gearbox Seven Pro Pickleball paddle creates a smaller sound and provides a softer in-hand feel. The Hyper Bite Spin technology further enhances the overall quality.


4. Onix Sub-Zero

Onix Sub-Zero Pickleball Paddle

Onix Sub-Zero Pickle Paddle happens to be one of its kind. The modishly built Pickleball paddle features a graphite face and a unique core material known as Ribtec Core.

It consists of foam, which is ribbed with carbon. This unusual construction makes the Onix Sub-Zero Pickleball Paddle a lightweight yet durable model.

Also, it weighs only 7.2- 7.9 ounces. Both experts and amateur players can handle it quickly and smoothly with its comfortable 4.5-inch grip circumference. Moreover, its 5-inch long grip handle features a perforated soft cushion exterior.


5. Wolfe X3

Wolfe X3 Pickleball Paddle

As a USAPA approved sports equipment, the Wolfe XF Pickleball paddle has all the required specifications for a tournament.

Thus, the construction consists of high-quality edgeless technology and aesthetic design. Also, its lightweight means better control over the Pickleball paddle.

With a combination of carbon fiber and graphite, the Wolfe XF Pickleball paddle forms the most durable tool. Also, it has an increased sweet spot.

Thus, the playability and maneuverability of the Pickleball paddle get enhanced. The soft and augmented grip also adds inconvenience.


6. ProLite Groove

ProLite Groove Pickleball Paddle

Designed to become the extended part of the player’s arm, Pro-Lite Groove Edgeless Pickleball Paddle is one of the most robust and roughest paddles manufactured yet.

Despite the rimless construction, it puts up exceptionally well with aggressive and power-fueled shots. Collectively, the paddle weighs somewhere between 7.8-8.2 ounces, but most of its weight lies towards the head.

This thoughtful construction equips the player with amplified power, placement, and control. The face of the paddle features PowerGrit Technology that provides just the right balance of roughness and smoothness.

So that when the ball comes in contact, you can hit it back, quickly, and effectively. What’s more, its 5” long handle has a circumference of 4.25” which comes wrapped in Pro-Lite SofTac 32 Cushion Grip.


7. Boomer Signature

Boomer Signature Pickleball Paddle

With a polymer honeycomb core, the Boomer Signature Pickleball paddle is a very lightweight yet powerful sports equipment.

Also, the core provides better bounce that helps in power smashes and dink shots. The graphite surface helps in providing better control shot placement.

The premium grip stays dry during the toughest of tournaments. Also, it provides immense convenience.


8. Uranus DC

Uranus DC Pickleball Paddle

Equipping the player with benefits of both edge and edgeless Pickleball paddles, the Uranus DC Pickleball Paddle features a low-profile, protective micro-edge guard.

It is thin to such an extent that this paddle gets categorized in edgeless Pickleball paddles. And not just the edgeless ones, but the best edgeless Pickleball paddles.

That’s because it is power-packed with unbeatable specifications. The company has enhanced the feel of the paddle with a graphite face and honeycomb polymer core.

Its cushioned handle absorbs sweat and prevents the paddle from slipping away. The 8-ounce edgeless Pickleball paddle’s handle has a circumference of 4.25-inches, which guarantees better wrist action and maneuverability.


Buyer Guide

In a vast pool of variety, one can easily get disoriented about the best edgeless Pickleball paddles. Here is a detailed buying guide to help you choose the most suitable and ideal edgeless Pickleball paddle.

Things to Consider

The mere purpose that Pickleball players prefer edgeless design is that it provides that with a larger surface area to work with and a larger sweet spot.

The edge guard in the usual paddles tends to block idealistic shots due to their protruding surface. However, there are many more things to consider when choosing the best edgeless Pickleball paddles.

Paddle Material and Design

Usually, the Pickleball paddles are available in three materials, including wood, graphite, and composite. The wooden paddles are heavy yet the cheapest in the market.

Composite Pickleball paddles consist of more than one material with wood and graphite the most common option. The graphite paddles cost higher but are lightweight and provides much powerful performance.

Amongst all the choices, it is wiser to choose either graphite or composite. Both of these paddles come in edgeless designs that provide excellent feel and comfort while playing.


When it comes to weight, the purchaser’s capacity, and personal preference matter a lot. The lightweight paddles provide enhanced control over ball and manoeuvrability.

On the other hand, heavier paddles offer more power and consume less energy when hitting the balls. Each paddle has its own set of pros and cons. Thus, the selection for the edgeless model rests upon your choice.


If you are in search of an edgeless Pickleball paddle that it is ideal for a spin too, then select one with a shorter grip. It is because shorter grip augments wrist action and results in a better spin. Whereas, the larger grip helps maintain stroke stability and ease pain in hands as well as elbows.


Thick rims, edges, and borders of Pickleball paddles certainly provide them protection from chipping and contributes to a relatively long lifespan of this sports equipment.

However, at times, these stout rims become a wall between us and winning scores. Hence, its time to prioritize what’s essential Winning.

And perhaps, the only effective approach towards achieving this goal is to opt for any one of the best edgeless pickleball paddles reviewed above. The elimination of the impeding edges from these models guarantees victory!

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