Best Golf Ball For 100 Mph Swing Speed

There are different golf balls for different purposes. For instance, if you need more swing speed a regular beginner-friendly golf ball might not be able to suffice your needs.

Although you can purchase the finest golf clubs, the result of the game depends a lot on how your golf balls have been manufactured. Some golfers often complain about losing their golf balls in the green.

Although this might seem like a petty issue it can be a huge headache while you’re out on the golf course. So, there’s a dire need to find an alternative that has colour variation and could also provide high swing speed.

To narrow down your search and help you find the perfect pick we’ve created a list of the Best golf balls for 100 mph swing speed. Let’s take a look at some golf balls that can provide you with maximum control and cover the extreme distance.

1.Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Having problems achieving long, straight flight for any shot? Let Callaway Chrome’s soft golf balls handle it all. Each package of Callaway chrome’s prior generation golf balls contains a dozen golf balls.

Furthermore, these golf balls are made of 100% Polyester. The white colour of these golf balls is quite easy to locate when the ball is in the air or right between the course. Apart from the classic white approach, you can also choose the white/red truvis pattern.

Callaway chrome soft golf balls have been specially designed for premium tour-proven performance. So, it also features a modern dual soft fast core. Lastly, thanks to the 4 piece construction of these balls you can now have more spin and control.


2.Trust Bison Urethane Covered Golf Ball

Trust Bison Urethane Covered Golf Ball

True Bison has full control over the construction of these golf balls as the core materials, the cover is designed in-house. These golf balls have a swing speed of up to 95~105mph.

Furthermore, True Bison’s golf balls are known for their soft and elastic feel. While playing with these golf balls during casual games or tournaments golfers can achieve optimal control over greener courses.

Unlike most affordable options, these golf balls comply with R&A and USGA standards so there’s no need to worry about that. As the name indicates these golf balls are covered with urethane and the structure is also multilayered.

These golf balls can help you the extra mile and achieve the straight trajectory of your dreams. There are a dozen balls in each box and each of them is numbered.


3. Srixon Q Star Tour Golf Balls

If you’re an experienced golfer and feel like experimenting with new options then Srixon’s Q Star golf balls might be of great help.

The compression of these golf balls by Srixon is around 72. Furthermore, these golf balls are half the price of the well-regarded Pro V1. It’s a great affordable alternative that you’re not meant to miss if you wish to have a good time on the golf course.

Srixon’s cheap golf balls are also a perfect fit for those who usually prefer green courses as it plays well around the greens. These balls will give you more distance and speed while keeping the spin in check.

Consequently, you can cover more distance and the ball will also be able to hold a shot into the green. Teaming with all the qualities of a good golf ball Srixon Q’s probably the most preferable option for most amateur players.


4. Bridgestone E6 Speed Golf Balls

Bridgestone E6 Speed Golf Balls

Bridgestone is a name quite well regarded in the golfing world. Their gear is always top-notch which is why you shouldn’t miss out on their golf balls. Bridgestone’s E6 golf balls feature distinct Delta Dimples.

These dimples make sure that the ball can resist pop-ups and the air around the ball moves as smoothly as it can. Furthermore, these amazing high-performance golf balls will provide you with the edge and controller you’ve never experienced before.

Their modern core design will provide high velocity. So, you can make your mark among spectators while the ball’s moving from the tee to green. Each pack contains 12 balls and there’s a colour variation available. So, you can decide whether you need a classic white set or something far more noticeable like a yellow.


5. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

We’re looking at those golf balls that can promise high swing speed so it’s impossible not to mention Titleist’s high-velocity golf balls. These high-performance golf balls have an LSX core. This particular kind of core ensures fast initial velocity.

Consequently, you can initiate full swing shots and cover the deep downrange distance. To increase the ball speed even more Titleist’s golf balls have a specifically manufactured NAZ+ cover. In this way, these golf balls can provide far more spin and cover far more distance as compared to their competitors.

On the surface of these golf balls, you’ll find 328 tetrahedral dimples. These dimples play a huge role in the maintenance of high flight during each shot you’ll make. Each set of Titleist’s high-velocity golf balls includes a dozen balls in a wide colour range (orange, white, pink, etc.)



Compression is just a fancy word for the hardness of a golf ball. A golf ball’s compression is an essential determining factor and undermining it can let your investment go to waste.

The compression of a golf ball typically determines the amount of force that will be required while the golf ball faces impact.

Low compression balls are typically meant for beginners and lie in the range of 70-80. Meanwhile, advanced golfers may find high compression balls of great use.

The feel of a golf ball is exactly what decides if it’s going to work great on a greener path or not. A ball with a soft feel is usually more durable and works perfectly on softer ground.

On the other hand, if your purpose is to achieve long distances faster, a ball with a hard feel can be ideal.

Although we all know golf balls can be expensive, high-performance golf balls are probably the most expensive ones. These sort of golf balls usually have a multi-layered construction.

Meanwhile, a player can achieve great control around the green thanks to the softer cover material of these golf balls.

As stated earlier, there are various kinds of golf balls for various purposes. Similarly, the difference between covers in golf balls determines their performance and efficiency.

Surlyn is a popular choice of cover as it can provide maximum distance even for a newbie. Furthermore, for the sake of more spin players prefer Balata coverage.

Lastly, Elastomer (a combination of Balata and Surlyn) is also a popular choice among those who need both durability and high spin.

Golf can be an expensive sport but those who are dedicated to the game can always find cheaper alternatives. How much money you spend on purchasing golf balls and running out of dozens also determines whether you can handle the expense or not.

Furthermore, during the learning period its important to stay away from more pro options as they’re too expensive for a beginner.

There are a few characteristics one can look into before purchasing a golf ball; compression, speed, trajectory, material, dimples etc. On the other hand, one can never be sure if a ball can live up to the mark or not.

This is one of the reasons why players tend to experiment with various golf balls before finding something that seems to work for them. So, take your time in practising as it will help you find something that can cater to your potential.


Most of the golf balls on this list are beginner-friendly and affordable. So, if you’re just developing interesting golf or plan on playing it as a hobby you’ll be able to find various options here. It’s essential to remember that you should always consider the price tag before investing in costly golf balls sold by big names.

That’s because you can always find cheaper alternatives on Amazon. Take your priorities under consideration and decide whether a ball with more spin caters to you or not. Lastly, some of these golf balls offer large colour assortments. So, you can decide for yourself what goes well with your athletic fit and can be more visible on the greens.

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