5 Best Golf Ball For Slice Designed to Correct Hooks and Slices

Summer is almost on the horizon so it’s about time you plan a trip to the golf course with your buddies. It’s good to take a break from work every once in a while and what’s better than a good old golf tournament with close peers.

If you’re an avid golf enthusiast then you know how difficult it can be to find an affordable golf ball and also provides the excellent performance it promised. Finding the best golf ball for the slice is essential if you want to save yourself from some embarrassment on the course.

It’s a common complexity that new players face if your golf ball doesn’t go in the direction you want it to. So, to make sure you get the last laugh we’ve arranged these top 5 picks eligible to get classified as the best golf balls for the slice. So, let’s take a look to examine the pros and cons of each of these affordable golf balls before making the final call!

1. Srixon Soft Feel Men's Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Feel Men's Golf Balls

For all the seniors and mid-handicap golfers out there, Srixon’s soft feel golf ball is the ideal choice. That’s because this particular golf ball has a low compression factor associated with its build.

Srixon’s Soft Feel golf ball has a durable ionomer cover. Meanwhile, the core of this commendable golf ball consists of an energetic gradient growth core. Consequently, your shits will be able to cross incredible distances with this golf ball’s high trajectory.

Impressively enough, these golf balls also provide low driver spin so you’d be able to make much straighter shots and flex in front of your friends.


2. Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation Golf Balls

Titleist’s Pro V1 balls give an ideal performance with both high and low swing speeds. This is an affordable deal that mustn’t be neglected at all costs.

You can have a dozen golf balls in the most cost-effective range. Titleist’s golf balls are known for their excellent trajectory and performance.

So, everyone who’s been playing golf for a while is bound to trust the brand’s name alone. These golf balls by Titleist feature a next-generation 2.0 ZG process core.

Furthermore, if faster bowl speed and lower spin is your targeted goal, each game can be up to the mark with Titleist’s Pro V1 golf balls.


3. Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball


This pack contains 24 durable golf balls that are tried and tested to give the best results during a match. The widely regarded Smart-Core formula of these affordable balls instantly reacts to the players’ swing speed.

Consequently, the shot you’ll make will reflect your skills at their best! So, if you are an amateur just getting started with the game and require some help in the distance department this ball is just for you.

You can even seek the services of a launch monitor to test results concerning distance. Tired of purchasing expensive golf balls? Wilson Smart core’s golf balls will be fit to use even after any casual mishits.


4. Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls

Bridgestone E6 is a cheaper alternative for Wilson, Titleist, Callaway’s balls. Now you can purchase a dozen golf balls under $40 and complete your kit for the next weekend. These affordable golf balls will smoother air resistance so it can resist pop-ups.

If you’ve ever struggled with achieving straighter distances then the delta dimple construction of Bridgestone’s E6 balls will rectify your issue.

Furthermore, on every shot you make you’ll have more control of the ball due to its lower side spin. Bridgestone e6 Soft is available in an Optic Yellow colour so it’s visible even from afar.


5. Polara Self Correcting Golf Balls

Polara Self Correcting Golf Balls

Forget about hooks and slices because Polara’s self-correcting balls feature self-correction technology to tackle this problem. Furthermore, Polara’s affordable golf balls are different from other dimpled golf balls because of their asymmetrical distribution of dimples.

These balls will give you the confidence to win bets against your friends. Now, you can ditch all expensive options because Polara’s golf balls will provide visibly different control around the green. Even a standard loft driver will work perfectly with these balls and you can avoid up to 50% of slicing on a budget.



The simplest way to ensure the efficiency of golf balls is by monitoring a ball’s movement. Usually, newer balls are bouncier as they’ve never been used before.

On the other hand, older golf balls should have a significant amount of bounce too if not as much as a newer ball.

You can take a new and old ball to witness the difference between movements. Notice the height each ball reaches and if it’s almost equal to the newer ones, the old ball is still in its glory.

There are two major components of a golf ball; the core and the exterior. Usually, most golf balls have a soft rubber core. On the contrary, the exterior is generally covered with a plastic or a thermoplastic resin named Surlyn.

Urethane is an artificial crystalline compound that’s used for coverage in golf balls. Each ball is designed differently according to the need and construction value but the things mentioned above are the basic constituents.

Yes, you’ve heard it absolutely right most liquid core balls do use some sketchy and confusing liquids inside them. Some liquid core golf balls creating brands use edible substances like used saltwater, honey or corn syrup blend inside their liquid core balls.

When you throw the ball and hit the ground it creates kinetic energy. This particular kinetic energy then returns into the ball which gives it a shifting force.

Consequently, it pops back in the air. So, according to basic physics the more potential energy there’ll be the higher the kinetic energy there’ll be.

A slice shot is a common mistake among less experienced players. This shot is commonly caused due to poor handgrip, poor set up or an open clubface.

An actively increased amount of slicing can be quite embarrassing in front of your peers. Usually, slicing occurs because a shot might’ve been swung out-to-inward in trajectory.

Due to this, your golf club’s face strikes the ball in a way that it creates an abnormal spin. On the contrary, a hook occurs because a left-handed hitter swung in-to-out.

Even a person who has never played golf might’ve noticed the porous exterior of a golf ball. The dimples on these golf balls aren’t there for the sake of ornamental reasons.

The presence of these dimples results in the creation of a thin layer of air around the ball. In this way the air’s around the ball can smoothly follow the ball’s surface resulting in the noticeably tinier size of the wake.


Slice shots shouldn’t stop you from bringing your A-game into during playtime. It’s a common occurrence among both new and old players. That’s because once we reach a certain age and become less active it also affects the hand to eye coordination.

Hand to eye coordination decides the consequences of a golf match so it’s evident why slicing occurs. Once you start feeling like your shots aren’t turning out as straightforward as they used to start re-evaluating your clubs and balls.

If the fault doesn’t lie there you can regularly practice catching drills and get that hand to eye coordination under control once again.

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