8 Best Golf Driver Ever Super Lightweight

Golf has been the game of world-class nobles. People from different age groups love to play this game alike. Like other sports, golf also requires some magnificent tools to play the game. One of them is the clubs.

There are different types of clubs in the bag of a golfer namely, driver, irons, putter, and hybrids. These are the types based on the head of the club. Drivers are a club that is used to start to initiate the game. The first strike is blown by the driver.

If a driver will be good and provide a good start, the game can be changed from the beginning. Thus a good driver can be a game-changer or can provide an additional edge to the game of the player.

Thus choosing a good driver is one of the key features of golf. Several things need to be kept in mind while selecting a driver. These things include but are not limited to, loft, the weight of the driver, size of the driver, and center of gravity of the driver.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best drivers ever manufactured by the different golf companies, along with their pros and cons.

1. TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black Driver, Black

TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black Driver, Black

TaylorMade has been one of the best brands manufacturing the best golf products. As the driver has been among the important tools of golf, TaylorMade has made its mark in this regard also. TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver is an example of this.

Men’s RBZ black driver has a magnificent black colored finish, which is eye-catching at the first glance. This product not only facilitates the professionals, but it is also pretty suitable for beginners or newbies.

The loft is one of the most important things of the driver and a good loft of the driver can change the game. That is why, TaylorMade designed this product with variable lofts of degrees 9, 10.5, and 12.

Old wooden and steel material of the driver has been replaced with strong titanium in this product. This provides a good swing.
The 460cc size of the driver with a graphite shaft, accompanied by moderate flex, made this product suitable for the users.


2. PGX Offset Golf Driver

The PGX offset drivers come in two different models that do not have much difference. If you are a beginner and finding it difficult to hit the ball to a large distance, then don’t worry, PGX offset driver is the solution to your problem.

A large 460cc head provides a great sweet spot for the golfer. One of the most important things that differentiate this product from the rest of the products in the market is the adjustable weights.

The product comes with an adjustable weight of 2g and 0.5g, which can be added to the head according to need.

The driver is made of graphite which made the product lightweight and thus easy to swing making it suitable for beginners. With this lightweight feature, one can hit the ball from the tee with a great swing.

The product has a loft angle of 10.5, which is pretty decent and will also facilitate the newbies.


3. TaylorMade M6 Driver

Talking about the best drivers ever, how is it possible that TaylorMade restricted to only one product in the list? TaylorMade M6 is one of the evolutionary drivers in the M series, with better forgiveness than its predecessor, M5.

The product is equipped with a “tuning resin” property. This feature not only manages the vibration and sound but also provides great forgiveness. If the user misses the ball, the driver will still send the ball in a pretty straight direction.

Driver’s face is also equipped with another technology called “twist face” technology. This adds to the forgiveness of the driver and thus provides a great experience to the golfer.

Adjustable weights in the head provided a variety of options in changing the weight of the head up to 2 g. a loft angle of degree 9, 10.5, and 12 also provides great options to the player while hitting the ball from the tee.


4. TaylorMade Golf M5 Driver

TaylorMade Golf M5 Driver

Another best driver by TaylorMade in the list, no doubt that TaylorMade is one of the best golf manufacturing brands in the world. M5 is the predecessor of the M6.

M5 has also been equipped with resin inject technology providing maximum forgiveness for its players. Twist face technology added to this feature. At the time of miss-hit, the face of the driver is twisted in such a way as to minimize the off hit.

With a lower and deep center of gravity, the user can swing the club with great ease and thus hit the ball with a fast spin.
The loft angle of the product is the same as its counterparts, i.e. 9, 10.5, and 12. Thus the user can choose accordingly.


5. MAZEL Titanium Golf Drivers for Men

Some players in golf love to start the game by eradicating the tee from the surface and hitting the ball high in the air. For such players, Mazel has designed the titanium driver 460cc, so they can satisfy their lust of hitting the ball high.

This is achieved by shifting CG lower and towards the back which provides great swing speed and increases the ball spin, thus sending the ball high in the air.

The club, including the head, is made of titanium. Due to lightweight titanium, newbies can also swing the club with efficiency.
460cc head size with CNC cup face technology makes the driver large forgiving powers.

This means, no more miss-hits. If an amateur player does miss-hit the ball, the driver will adjust itself accordingly and provide maximum distance despite miss-hit.


6. King Par TEC plus 460cc Ti Matrix Driver Men's

If you are an amateur golfer looking for the best driver at a very economical rate The King Par TEC plus Matrix Driver is the result of your finding. It is a very well-rounded club that helps you to get the distance, lift, and speed that you want for your ball to get it to the green, especially when you are struggling with the swing.

Moreover, the club is flexible, not hard, and solid. That makes it very easy to use and user friendly. Besides, the lightweight of the head makes the swing relatively fast as beginners struggle while swinging the club.

Further, adjustable loft deep CG helps in hitting the ball with more force and power. Thus this all adds up and hits the ball with great force and sends it airborne.


7. Intech Golf Long Distance Behemoth 520cc Driver

Intech Golf Long Distance Behemoth 520cc Driver

Like every other game, golf also has some rules and regulations which players must have to follow to play on the international level. Not only players but the product which is being used to play golf should also meet the specific criteria and should not cross a certain value.

The United States Golf Association has set some such parameters and the size of the driver is one of them. Legal-size of the driver is 460cc and above this size, the driver will be illegal to use in tournaments.

Intech behemoth 520cc has crossed the limit thus this driver is also called an illegal driver. But this large size is pretty useful for newbies.

Nonprofessionals, newbies, or amateurs can play with this driver, such a large size provides great forgiveness and hits the ball with more force and power and thus sending the ball airborne.

The product is equipped with a low and deep center of gravity. This provides better impact and thus throwing the ball further away. This thunderous beast comes in different loft angles. Thus the user can select one according to its gameplay.


8. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Driver

Like TaylorMade, Callaway has been one of the leading golf product manufacturers in the product. Callaway launched three Mavrik products, each of them with its unique properties.

Callaway Mavrik driver has been one of the drivers from Mavrik club sets. The driver is designed with artificial intelligence that’s why it’s a great piece of art in itself. It is also said that it has been the first driver made by AI.

The face of the product is equipped with a flash face SS20. This provides maximum forgiveness at the time of impact. Moreover, it also dampens vibration.

The moment of inertia is low of the product thus decreasing the swing speed and control of the swing. This will increase the chance of miss-hit and throw the ball in the undesired direction.



In golf, every setting and statics are different from professional and non-professionals. Professionals have to stick with the terms and conditions and guidelines set by international bodies. However, non-professionals are free from such restrictions.

The larger the size of the driver, the larger will be the forgiveness. It is not useless to say that “size does matter” while selecting the drivers. As newbies tend to make more errors, thus larger head size will be better for them.

The legal size of the driver is 460cc thus professionals could not use a driver larger top that size in tournaments. While newbies have nothing to do with tournaments as they want to play the game for leisure, they can use a driver of up to 520cc.

Thus large drivers will provide more sweet spots and more forgiveness. That’s why it will be better for newbies or amateurs.

As mentioned earlier, there have been some guidelines for professionals. The guidelines for shaft length is 48 inches. It means that in the tournament, one cannot use the driver with a shaft length greater than 48 inches.

Now the question is, how does it affect the game? The answer is simple physics. As the shaft length increases. The distance from the head to the player will increase. So when the player swings the club, the head at the other end will swing with great speed.

If the shaft will be small, less distance will be present between the head and the player, thus, the club will rotate with less speed. So if a player has less swing speed, he can use the club with larger shafts.

And that’s why drivers have larger shafts as compared to the putters.

The driver has to initiate the game thus one should choose the driver carefully. There are several things that a player should see while buying a driver.

● If you are a beginner, the driver head should be large enough to provide maximum forgiveness.
● If you love to hit the ball high, go with the driver with a high loft and vice versa.
● The center of gravity does matter in the driver. Deep and back center of gravity will hit the ball high. Deep and front CG hit the ball relatively straight and moderate CG will hit the ball accordingly.
● If you are a beginner then go with the larger shaft. But keep in mind that as the shaft length increases, the player loses control over the position where he wants to hit. Thus choose wisely.

Every sport needs specific equipment to play with and can use time at a specific time. To start the golf, the driver is used. This is because the ball has to travel a large distance and the ball has to cross numerous obstacles.

The driver is designed to hit such shots. It has a large lost, large head, and larger shaft as compared to other clubs in the bug. All of these features help the driver to hit the ball further and higher.

So in the middle of the game, when the player slides the ball towards the hole, he will use a putter that relatively has a flat face, small shaft, and less loft to keep the ball on the ground.

So as the putter cannot be used to start the game, the driver cannot be in the middle of the game. High and powerful shots are required at the start of the game, not in the middle of the game.

The answer to this question is similar to the last one. The driver is used to initiating the game, to hit the ball high and farther. Irons are also used to hit the ball to a large distance but less than 200 yards. While the driver always hit the ball higher than 250 yards.

Similarly, putters are used to sliding the ball into the hole. Thus it cannot be used in the start to hit the ball with great force.
Hybrid is the combo of driver and iron. It is mostly used after the driver and before iron. But can also be sued in place of iron. It depends on the player.

It has been the misconception that only the rich play golf. Golf equipment is indeed pretty expensive, but now there have been several companies manufacturing economical golf products for the average player.

These products are pretty economical. So everybody can play golf. Sports has no boundaries, everybody from any sect and nationally and of any status can play any sport. The same goes for golf.


Over time, several manufacturing companies have been coming to the market to compete with each other in golf products. So the player finds it difficult to opt for the company from where he should buy the golf product.

In this article, we have eased this difficulty for those who want to buy one of the best golf drivers. We have discussed different drivers from different companies with their unique features and their pros and cons.

Loft angle, shaft length, the material of each, and many things have been discussed. FAQs will answer some of the most frequently asked questions by the newbies’ golfer regarding golf and drivers. Hence it will help them a lot.

As every product is not perfect, possess its pros and cons. The same goes for golf drivers. One can only select the product which will meet his requirement and hence enjoy his game.

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