Best Golf Glove For Sweaty Hands & Weather Comfort

Golf is a game that entirely relies on the player’s precision and attention. So, anything that affects your hold over a golf club can hurt your precision. Excessive sweating is a common issue among some people.

Sometimes this issue is inherent or caused by excessive anxiety. If the former conditions aren’t involved then usually excessively hot summers are involved in the play. Needless to say, whether you’re anxious or just struggling because of hot weather you need to maintain the perfect grip.

How do you expect yourself to show off your skills if you can’t even firmly hold a golf club without feeling uncomfortable? We know it’s impossible to treat a biological condition like this so why not seek the service of some of the best golf gloves for sweaty hands?

Sweaty hands or not, the clubs mentioned below will help you improve your game at the most affordable range. So, quit wasting time and have a look at our top picks for the best golf glove for sweaty hands.

1.FootJoy Men's WeatherSof Golf Gloves

FootJoy Men's WeatherSof Golf Gloves

Each pack of FootJoy’s sweatproof gloves contains two pairs of white gloves. The white colour of these gloves appears real classy and goes well with every kind of athletic wear.

Furthermore, the palm and back of these golf gloves consist of super comfortable FiberSof material. The material used in these gloves is quite high quality and the elasticity around the wrists will not diminish free movement.

The fabric is quite breathable so air can enter and escape. Consequently, you’ll sweat less frequently and face fewer difficulties while playing your favourite sport. There’s also a removable ball marker on each glove and you can consult a size chart to look at various size variations.


2. FootJoy RainGrip Golf Gloves

FootJoy RainGrip Golf Gloves

Available in perfectly fitting medium and large size Footjoy’s golf gloves for sweaty hands probably our most affordable pick. These gloves promise maximum breathability and sweat resistance with their Quick Dry knit material.

This particular material has been sewn right next to the back of the hand and fingers so you can maintain the grip of your dreams instead of slipping. Don’t worry about your golf gloves coming off the mid-game and affecting your shot.

That’s because these gold gloves feature dual-elastic bands so the gloves stay put throughout the game. Furthermore, even during the most humid climates, you can count on Footjoy’s auto-suede knit palm material.

There’s no compulsion to wear them only during wet conditions; you can use these gloves all year round.


3.Grip Boost GB Golf Second Skin Men's Golf Gloves

If you’re an avid golfer and haven’t ever used Grip Boost’s golf gloves then you’re most definitely missing out on something special. These golf gloves for sweaty hands are made out of imported leather and will last you through countless games.

Humid weather or rain isn’t a problem anymore because the material of these sweat-resistant golf gloves will always have your back. Furthermore, Grip Boost’s Second skin golf gloves are super soft so you can make the perfect shot while feeling like you’re not wearing anything on your hands.

As stated earlier the material of these gloves is super breathable and not only this but the mesh back provides a cooling sensation.


4. Hirzl Men's Trust Control Leather Golf Glove

The appearance of your golf gloves matters as much as their durability. So, if you own golf gloves that can flexibly go well with each of your fits, it’s the perfect jackpot.

These golf gloves for sweaty hands but Hirzl can provide ultimate protection against constant wear and tear. Furthermore, these gloves feature Hirzl’s GRIPPP technology. So, you’ll have the perfect grip while holding your club and making shots. The flexible material of these gloves allows you the liberty to wash them with cold water.

Yet, you must let them air dry instead of placing them on top of a radiator. These premium quality kangaroo leather gloves feature a 45° pre-curved finger system and a deep thumb cut design. So, you can hold the club with ease and show your skills comfortably.


5. Bionic Men's AquaGrip Golf Glove

Bionic Men's AquaGrip Golf Glove

An extraordinary amount of sweat on your hands always causes your golf club to slip from your hands. But, not anymore because Bionic’s aqua grip golf gloves are made of suede microfiber material.

The more sweat there’ll be the tackier the material turns providing you with the strong grip you need to take shots. Furthermore, these golf gloves for sweaty hands also have patented pads so your gloves remain safe from wear and tear.

Also, the patented pads will successfully even out the surface so you’ll have a more secure grip over the club. Wearing gloves for longer intervals can sometimes cause fatigue.

So, to save yourself from that Bionic’s golf gloves have a finger design that follows the natural closure of your hands. Now, you can play your favourite game without worrying about fatigue or excessive sweat at the most affordable price range.



The life span of a golf glove depends on various factors such as; quality of the material, playing conditions, usage, grip etc. Usually, a good quality golf glove can last around 6 and 10 rounds.

To ensure that your golf glove doesn’t give up on you that easily, invest money in more durable options. This will save you from wear and tear after every single around. Make sure you check out our top picks and soon you’ll be able to land on a long-lasting option.

First and foremost you want to take a look into size variations to find your perfect pick. If the gloves are too tight or loose, it can affect the way you play. Sometimes loose golf gloves come off mid-game and spoil essential shots.

Your glove should feel like a second skin. Make sure that the glove you’re choosing is tight across the palm and the material around the fingers isn’t loose. If there’s extra material around the fingers you won’t be able to hold the club properly.

Wearing a golf glove isn’t a compulsion and some pro-golfers don’t wear them even during important events. Usually, players are supposed to wear a golf glove on their weak hand.

Hence, if you are a left-handed golfer you’ll wear the golf glove on your right hand and vice versa.

It’s all dependent on one’s personal preference. Golf gloves are traditionally worn in the weaker hand. Wearing gloves on both hands can loosen the grip on your golf club.

Hence, you’ll have to face more inconsistent shots. Not wearing a glove on a single hand gives you a chance to take the whole feel of the swing.

Excessively washing your golf gloves with harsh chemicals can wear out the leather. Ultimately you’ll have to buy a new golf glove due to the old one’s bad condition. So, make sure that you clean your gloves with water or a washcloth.

Don’t forget to let it air dry before using it in a game.

You can try using sweatbands around your wrist or find a much more effective alternative; buying a golf glove specially designed for rain and sweating. The material of these sort of golf gloves is usually quite airy so you can play golf without something wet running down your hands.

We understand how playing golf on a warm humid day can create problems one never really thinks of. Profusely sweating is a common thing among most golf players and it can spoil the fun of the game.

To maintain the perfect grip on your golf club you can use two or three gloves in rotation. In this way, if one glove gets wet you’ll always have alternative options to use while the game continues.


The material of each of these golf gloves is quite airy and comfortable. So, playing golf while wearing one of these gloves will allow the flow of air inside the gloves.

You won’t lose grip over your golf club and none of your swings will go to waste. Needless to say some of these contenders are quite affordable and usually under an average player’s price range. So, don’t let big brands fool you into buying expensive gloves when you can find similar alternatives at an affordable range.

Lastly, we’ve also enlisted the pros and cons of each product. So, you can compare before landing on the final choice. We hope this list helps you find the best golf glove for sweaty hands.

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