Best Indoor Outdoor Basketballs in 2020

Basketball is one of the most renowned sports in the world and is equally popular in both kids and adults. Even though various aspects of a basketball game are not as viable for people as others, but having the best indoor and outdoor basketballs can have a great impact on your play.

Whether you are looking for an indoor or an outdoor basketball, there are so many options to choose from. The only problem is that it is not easy to get all the required features, the prices are very hard to compare, and every basketball has its design and details that is a no match to another.

If you are not familiar with all such differences, it can be very hard for you to choose the right indoor and outdoor basketball for your game. But luckily, following is a detailed guide for you that you can read and have a much closer look at different brands and features of a basketball.

This will surely help you in the future when you have to buy a basketball for yourself as you will have enough details to decide upon them.

Best Indoor Basketballs

Playing high-quality basketball indoor can give you so many benefits. It not only gives you a surface that is easy to play with but the basketballs have been made in such a way as to give an enhanced grip to the players as compared to any outdoor basketball.

1. Wilson Evolution Game

It is one of the best choices among indoor basketballs due to its overall online rating as well as user experiences.

This basketball comes with an airtight butyl bladder that keeps the pressure of air intact within the ball. Deep and wide channels have been designed in this basketball to improve players grip over it.



2. Molten GG7

Although Molten GG7 basketball is a best indoor basketball, it gives you feel of an international gem while you play with it. It is the official ball of FIBA and is majorly used during Olympic plays. The designing of this basketball is unique as it consists of 12 channels and two-tone designs.


3. The Rock Basketball

It is one of those under the radar basketballs that are not just worth your time but your money as well. This ball has an urban look to it which enhances its visibility.

There is an athletic all-caps font as well as city skylines drawn on this basketball which makes it look amazing. The spongy feel of this basketball is the added benefit for the players.


4. Spalding TF-1000 ZK

This basketball has been chosen by many European basketball organizations to be used during their official games. The microfibers present in this basketball deter sweat and stay dry in all weather conditions. There is a protective layer of oil on this basketball, which is added to enhance its texture and feel.


5. Spalding NBA Official

NBA Ball Basketball

This is an official NBA basketball that has been used in some significant NBA leagues by the professional players. Therefore, It is of ultimate significance here that this is the only leather basketball still available in the market that is unpretentious and genuine. This best basketball for indoor play matches the fixed size and weight given by the NBA.


Best Outdoor Basketballs

Playing basketball outdoor can be a fantastic experience for people who love this game. There is enough space to set up the basketball board and hoop and plenty of room so the players can move in any direction they want. Outdoor basketballs are available in so many different options, some of which have been discussed below.

1. Spalding NBA Zi

It is one of the best outdoor basketballs in the world as it is easy to play with and offer so many features to the players that not only improve their own game but help them win it for the team. It is manufactured by making use of Zi/O composite leather cover which enhances the look and feels of the ball.


2. Spalding NBA Replica

Spalding NBA Replica

This basketball is an excellent choice for those people who are always ready to play this game no matter where they are. The outer cover of this basketball is made from premium composite leather. The use of leather allows you to have a feel like a pro basketball player even if you are playing on the street.


3. Spalding NBA Neverflat

Spalding NBA never-flat is the best basketball for indoor and outdoor and is unique in terms of its technology and design. The feel and performance of this basketball are somewhat similar to Spalding Zi/O basketball, but it has some other unique features as well. This ball comes inflated from the company.

4. NBA Zi/O Excel Basketball

NBA Excel Basketball Review

Spalding has amazed everyone in the past with its excellent products and with NBA Zi/O Excel Basketball, it seems like they have spared no expense.

Thought the first impression of this basketball might not leave a mark, but once you get used to it, you will realize that it is indeed a tremendous outdoor basketball.


5. Spalding NBA Varsity

Spalding NBA Varsity

This best basketball for outdoor play is a perfect choice for an intense outdoor game. It is a very durable and stylish looking basketball. It comes with a wide range of color combinations that you can choose to match with the court. The texture of this basketball remains the same, even if you use it every day.

Buyer Guide

If you want to get perfect and excel good in a basketball game, you must consider some of the key points before purchasing a basketball for yourself. It may seem very critical since there are so many brands and specs in the market, but there are also a dozen aspects that may demand your consideration before buying a decent indoor/ outdoor basketball.

The material of the basketball

A basketball is usually made up of two materials i.e. leather and synthetic composite. Leather is considered very well for basketballs that are intended for indoor games.

It is because they lack a little diversity in them and are not suitable for any game outside. Leather is very hard to handle when it is a fresh piece but with time it can get rugged and will be perfect to handle during a match.

On the other hand, the synthetic composite material is almost like leather but it is way cheaper and gives the exact same feel. Though they are also not ideal for outdoor games, they still work once in a while.

The feel of the basketball

Feel is everything that you need to consider when buying a basketball. This is the only thing that will let you break ankles when you move too quickly and crossover and it is also the only thing that will give you the soft touch from a three-point line.

A good quality basketball for the indoor and outdoor game will have a tacky synthetic cover that can hold up the elements very easily. An outdoor rubber basketball containing grippy dimples may get a little slippery and slickening when the dimples wear away or whenever it catches dust.

Make sure that the ball you purchase gives you the softest feel possible so it becomes easy and comforting for you to play around. If the feel of the ball is hard, it will not let you have a free hand during the game and will affect your performance.

Size of the basketball

An ideal basketball contains the size that is half of the diameter of the court hoop. According to the tournaments and leagues, the sizes of the basketballs may differ but it is important for you to choose the one that can easily coincide with the hoop in your house.

There are three sizes available for basketballs i.e. size 5, 6 and 7. Size 5 can be used by the kids who are above 11 years old; the size 6 is for those who are 12-15 years old. Lastly, size 7 can be used by anyone who is more than 16 years of age. Though all these sizes are standards, if you look for it, you will still find a lot of diversity in the market.

Weight of the basketball

The overall weight of a basketball is very important when it comes to the performance of an individual player as well as the whole team.

If the weight of the basketball is right, a player can practice with it and enhance his skills for better shooting and accurate mental calculations. The weight of a basketball is directly proportional to the size of the basketball.

If the size of the basketball is 5, its weight should be around 18 oz. A ball with size 6 is approximately 20 oz. in its weight and size, 7 basketballs have a weight of around 22 oz.

The material from which the basketball has been made also affects its overall weight so you must keep this point under consideration as well.

Skill level of the player

The skills and level of playing are very important when making a purchase, if you want to play outside, you may have to compromise on so many features. If you play seriously, then you must check out composite leather basketballs which not only feels great but is very fun to play with.

Though these basketballs are not durable and you will defiantly have to buy a new one after some time. On the other hand, if you want to purchase a ball for the kids in your house, you can buy cheap rubber balls for them.

It is because kids of a young age are only learning to play the game so their skills and their handling is not that important. If you buy them rubber balls, it will stay long lasting and your kids will be able to learn how to shoot great hoops with an indoor and outdoor basketball.

Moisture grip

Sometimes, the basketball may get wet i.e., during rain or swimming pool basketball matches. So you must check if the ball you are deciding to buy can stand up to the moisture test or not.


Are there different basketballs for kids?

There are so many basketballs that have been designed only for kids and teenagers. The reason for such specialized manufacturing is that kids have small bodies so they may find it a little hard to play with balls that are bigger in size. If the weight of the basketball is too much, a young kid will fail to handle it properly. For the kids who are young, size 5 basketballs are recommended which weighs around 11 oz. so they are comfortable in shooting hoops and learning indoor/outdoor basketball.

What is a pebbled pattern in a basketball?

Almost all of the basketballs that are being launched these days have pebbled patterns embedded in them. These patterns have been added in the ball to enhance its overall control and grip during a dribble. Fir indoor basketball, the pebbled patterns are especially present all over the body because the floors that we use in our homes are much smoother and lacks grip so it may become hard for players to play the game if the basketball is not covered in pebbled design.
What are the different basketball weights available for a different size?

Many international tournaments use the standard weight and size basketball which have been defined above in great detail. But, if you still look around, you will be able to find some modified basketballs with different weights and varying size range. But if you are a professional player buying these modified basketballs is not a good option for you as it may cause problems with your shooting mental calculations which can be problematic if you are playing in a tournament or league.

What are some best materials for indoor and outdoor basketball?

If you are looking for a basketball that works well for both indoor and outdoor games, then finding the right kind of ball may be a little hard for you. But in this case, the best and the only option for you to go with is a synthetic composite material. You can use this because it looks like leather and gives the same feel as well. You can easily use this one to play a few rough games outside and soft games inside of your house.

Why are leather basketballs hard to handle?

If you have recently made a purchase for basketballs made with leather, you may notice that in initial days they are very hard to handle and may even slip from your hands during the tournament. It is mostly because fresh leather never works well. In order to make your basketball work, you will have to break the leather ball or play with it a few times so you can achieve an accurate grip. Be sure not to play with a leather basketball in an outdoor court because it may get subjected to wear and tear in no time.

Why is a softcore important in basketball?

The core of a basketball should always be soft but not too soft to stop the ball from giving consistent bounces. If the core of the ball is soft, it will balance out the pressure of the air in it and will help in making good bounces and dribbles during the game.

What basketball brands are the best to buy?

Spalding, Wilson, Nike, and Molten are some of the basketball brands that always give good products. They offer a variety of indoor and outdoor basketballs in a variety of sizes as well as colors so you can choose the one according to your preferences.


So, if you want to purchase a good indoor or outdoor basketball, there is no hassle to consider hundreds of possibilities. You can easily check out the above list for that purpose.

This list is aimed to provide you with the finest possibilities in one place. You can unswervingly select the basketball which you find the aptest from the above review.

The top basketballs for indoor as well as outdoor play will support you to progress your game in extensive ways. You can choose the ball that best sees your requirements and then be ready to have some entertainment.

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