10 Best Volleyball Shoes For Men in 2020

Volleyball is a fascinating game that is enjoyable for both a player and the fans of the game. It can be a casual game as well as a competitive game that displays several skills and the prowess of the players in their specific roles. Regardless of your skills with regards to the game, you always need the right equipment to excel at the game. In this case, the ideal equipment is getting the best men’s volleyball shoes. These shoes are specially designed after taking into consideration the requirements on a volleyball field. Simultaneously these are also versatile shoes. Not only will they improve your game on the volleyball but will also be useful for other sporting activities. They can be used for basketball, badminton, tennis and even as your very own gym shoes which makes it an ideal piece of equipment to have for your sports needs. Find out how to buy volleyball shoes and which ones are best for you in this guide.

1. ASICS Gel-Upcourt

Volley Ball Shoes

This is one of the best models by ASICS’ and covers all the bases with regards to performance. It is the perfect shoe for an amateur or a professional as it has features that will give a powerful boost to your performance.

Equipped with a rearfoot gel cushioning system, which provides top-notch cushioning comfort is satisfied with this shoe. At the same time, it also has a seamless construction, which means that there will be no irritation or friction bothering you due to seams.

Which can be considered as a pro or con is the trusstic system technology, which reduces the weight of the sole unit while keeping the structure intact.

Another feature of this shoe, which will make you want to buy it, is that of the open mesh upper. To boost your comfort, this build of it results in more air circulation and breathing room for your feet. This allows for more comfortable wear.


2. Mizuno Wave Tornado 8

Mizuno Volleyball Shoes

This is one of the best-selling shoes of Mizuno and definitely one of the best in terms of quality. It has all the ideal features that men’s volleyball shoes are required to have for great performance and a perfect fit.

It is equipped with an advanced cushioning system which not only gives you an overall reliable cushioning but also provides shock-absorption which is essential for games like volleyball.

At the same time it has a self-tie closure, which boosts your accessibility when it comes to utilizing the shoes.

The Enhanced AP Midsole maintains a lightweight performance, which can be very essential for some people for a better performance.

Furthermore this shoe guarantees stability with its synthetic sole which is known for stability. Combined with its excellent traction this is definitely one of the best shoes you can get on the market.


3. ASICS Gel-Sensei 5

ASICS Gel-Sensei 5

An example of the competence of ASICS’ production, this volleyball shoe is definitely one of the best volleyball shoes mens that you can get your hands on. It has all the features that you would be looking for in a volleyball shoe.

Offering a perfect fit and great arch support this shoe will be perfect for any player, professional or an amateur. The Asymmetrical Lacing Design that is part of this shoe’s design is the perfect way to reduce irritability and improve your comfort.

Your comfort is further increased by the synthetic leather build and mesh upper, which allows for a lightweight, comfortable and breathable fit. In terms of performance this shoe would be perfect for you.

It has rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning systems, which allows for movement in multiple planes. Furthermore it also attenuates shocks during impact which makes it ideal for volleyball.


4. ASICS Gel-Netburner Ballistic

Ballistic MT Volleyball Shoe

In any list of the best volleyball shoes, you will find several ASICS’ shoes. The Netburner Ballistic is one of the best shoes of ASICS that you can find.

It has a casual design, which is a preference for several people as well as several performance-boosting features.

Simultaneously it is equipped with a fluid ride midsole which combines impressive bounce back and cushioning properties, lightweight and durability.

The rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning system further enhances your comfort and offers exceptional shock absorption.

Traction is one of the most important aspects to look out for when choosing sports-based footwear. The NC Rubber outsole of the Netburner contains more natural rubber than traditional solid rubber which offers increased traction.

At the same time, the Trusstic System reduces the overall weight of the shoe while maintaining the structure.


5. Mizuno Men’s RX3

Wave Lightning RX3 Volley Ball Shoe

Mizuno is renowned for adding unique features to its shoes, which makes up its reputation all over the world. Its features are what makes it quite literally a perfect fit for almost all players, whether it be a newbie or a veteran.

The most impressive feature of this shoe is the Parallel Mizuno Wave Technology, which allows for shock dispersion and enhanced stability.

One of the biggest reasons why people prefer this shoe is this unique feature of this shoe. The Enhanced AP Midsole of this shoe is another feature that increases the rebound and cushion durability for enhanced performance.

Your comfort is kept in check by the Dynamotion Fit Technology and Midsole Ventilation system. While the dynamotion fit relieves stress, the midsole ventilation reduces the heat and humidity build-up for a comfortable wearing experience.


6. Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3

Mizuno Men's Wave Lightning Z3 Shoes

This is one of the many good men’s volleyball shoes designed by Mizuno. It considers all the essential requirements of a player and combines them in a way that boosts the performance of the player by most.

The focus of this shoe is on its stability and support. Its features like the Parallel Wave Technology and Sensorpoint Suspension make that stability and support possible.

At the same time, the Dynamotion Groove technology makes the shoe more flexible; after wearing it a few times, you will start loving this shoe.

One of the most amazing features of this shoe is its Mizuno Intercool Technology and Airmesh upper.

This combination of features allows for better durability, breathability, and flexibility, which is essential for your comfort.


7. Adidas Performance Ligra 4

Adidas Performance Ligra 4 Volleyball Shoe

Made out of synthetic materials this is a beautifully designed volleyball shoe and one of the best men’s volleyball shoes.

The synthetic materials it is made up of make it durable and lightweight, which makes it a perfect shoe for all players regardless of experience.

The design of this shoe is focused on boosting comfort by increasing breathability. This is done by an Airmesh upper as well as a breathable mesh lining, which allows for increased ventilation.

It prevents the accumulation of heat and humidity, which is essential for your comfort. At the same time, it is equipped with Synthetic Overlays and an Adiwear outsole.

The synthetic overlays allow for increased support, while the Adiwear outsole is necessary for a durable build.


8. Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2

mizuno Volleyball Shoe

Another one of Mizuno’s masterpieces this shoe cannot be the wrong choice for you. Not only does it offer excellent performance, but it also makes sure that your comfort and aesthetical requirements are accounted for.

When it comes to volleyball shoes, you don’t get much better than a shoe from Mizuno. With a combination of synthetic and textile materials, this shoe provides for excellent breathability and durability.

The redeeming factors of this shoe are the Dynamotion Groove and Dynamotion Fit technologies. The Dynamotion fit emulates the motion of your feet, which allows for a perfect fit.

At the same time, the Dynamotion Groove minimizes the forefoot instability. What qualifies this as one of the best shoes for volleyball, however, is the Wave Plate Technology, which redirects impacts away from your foot.

At the same time, this shoe offers an excellent grip on the court surface. It is also one of the unique features that are rarely provided in most volleyball shoes.


9. Mizuno Wave Tornado X

Mizuno Wave Tornado X Review

Although it isn’t the best shoe of Mizuno, it deserves its spot on this list. With a considerable amount of high-functioning features, this shoe will not be a bad choice for you at all.

Alongside standard volleyball shoe features, it is also equipped with several Mizuno specific features for an excellent performance.

With XG rubber used in its build, this shoe provides an excellent grip and fantastic durability. The Mizuno Dynamotion fit at the same time allows for a better fit and reacts according to the motion of your feet.

The infinity wave technology makes it a stable shoe with a stable structure. This makes it a great shoe performance-wise for all types of players.

One of the most important factors to consider for any sports footwear is breathability within the shoe. Ventilation within the shoe is extremely important for your comfort.

If your shoe isn’t breathable, humidity and heat will accumulate in the shoe resulting in intense discomfort.

This is why this shoe is equipped with the Mizuno Intercool Technology, which makes sure the shoe is ventilated at the bottom. All these factors make it an excellent choice.


10. ASICS Gel-Volleycross 4 MT

ASICS’ Volley Ball Shoes



This is one of the most important factors when it comes to sports footwear. The purpose of an excellent cushioning system in a shoe is to offer support to the player and allow for comfortable use of the shoe as well as shock absorption.

Inner sole cushioning and padding is essential for the comfort of players who are going to be participating in games all day.

Without this comfort, they will not be able to perform to their maximum potential. At the same time, the midsole of volleyball shoes is designed to absorb the shock of impacts created by jumping or swift directional changes A good volleyball shoe should have a sturdy and strong yet flexible midsole or else the player will not be able to perform.


When it comes to sports, sweat and increased body heat are a given. Under those circumstances, it is essential for you to have a shoe that provides ventilation inside it.

A good volleyball shoe has a build that facilitates breathability to make sure that humidity and heat do not accumulate inside the shoe.

To make sure that a shoe is breathable shoes make different additions to their design. Some shoes have a simple mesh upper to allow for air to pass through.

Other shoes have more advanced intercooler systems to enhance the breathability of the shoe, for instance, the Mizuno Intercooler System. To find the ideal volleyball shoe, you need to find the shoe that gives you the best ventilation for your feet.

Stable Gait

When it comes to a sport like a volleyball, the importance of this specific requirement cannot be stressed enough. Volleyball is a sport that requires swift movements, jumps as well as quick stops.

In those circumstances, stability becomes extremely important in a shoe. If a volleyball shoe is unstable, a player can suffer from ankle injuries or calf injuries or many other injuries.

The stability of a volleyball shoe is determined by its build structure as well as its grip. While the structural integrity gives it a sturdy yet flexible build, the sole of the shoe gives it traction.

Traction is significant for fast movements. If your shoe does not provide enough traction, there is a high chance that you might slip and fall due to a lack of grip.


Different people can move around better in shoes with different weights. Some people prefer lightweight volleyball shoes, while others opt for ones that are medium-weighted.

It is essential to figure out which one suits you best before buying one. All sportswear companies like Adidas, ASICS, and Mizuno have a variety of different volleyball shoes of different weight structures.

When it comes to the weight of a volleyball shoe; however, it is essential to make sure that regardless of the weight, the stability and flexibility of the shoe is not compromised.

The best men’s volleyball shoes are ones which if they are light are stable at the same time and if they are heavy are flexible at the same time. Striking a balance between other characteristics of a shoe and its weight is significant.

Design and Build

By far, the most important factor when finding a perfect volleyball shoe is its design and fit. The design and structure of the shoe are what determines how good of a fit it is.

A good fit is one who makes sure that your foot doesn’t move around inside the shoe. At the same time your shoe should also not be too tight or else it would be uncomfortable to play in it.

For wide feet, you need to look for shoes that offer a wide width while you have to look for a narrow width for narrow feet.

Another consideration when it comes to the design of a volleyball shoe is with regards to added features like ankle support. If you have foot or ankle issues, the best volleyball shoe for you would be one that offers ankle support.

Finally, to make sure that the shoe you are buying has a good fit, it is important for you to wear the same socks you will be wearing while playing.

You also need to be wearing any braces that you might be wearing. Without a good fit, no shoe will work for you.


To get the best volleyball shoe that boosts your performance the most, it is important for you to know what to look for in one.

Our guide gives you an insight into several characteristics that you need to resonate with before a shoe becomes useful for you. It’s never just the size of the shoe that has to match your feet; it is everything about the shoe that has to match your feet.

You can find several volleyball shoes in our list of some of the best ones in the market. By going through their features, you can figure out whether or not they will be ideal for you.

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