10 Best Outdoor Basketball Hoops in 2020

Basketball hoops are an accessory which sometimes matters more than the basketball itself. The height, dimensions, backboard size, the material and what, not all act as a contributing factor to help you score.

Fortunately, playing basketball is no longer limited to courts alone. With easily installable hoops, basketball matches can be held wherever you want them to be. However, when it comes to picking the right basketball hoop, it isn’t merely a matter of choice. While numerous options exist, multiple things ought to be taken into consideration while choosing the outdoor basketball hoop.

To get the maximum outdoorsy basketball experience, it is better to invest in a product that is built to cater to your specific needs rather than buying one off the shelf. Varying factors like the rim, the next and even the height of the pole can win you the game or either cost.

Hence when it comes to selecting the best one, the options in the market might baffle you. Therefore, restricting your buying decisions to be limited to just physical appeal. Fortunately, there is a way around it.

This guide comprises of everything you need to know to make a sound investment. Whether you want a specific rim type, height adjustability or specific material. This article will reflect all the information you need to opt for a basketball hoop that fits the bill and isn’t taxing on the wallet.

Hence following is a list of our top ten picks of basketball hoops that were built to deliver and help you excel in all your matches. Let us take a look at the good, the better and the best of them!

1. Lifetime Pro Court

If getting an affordable yet robust basketball hoop is on your bucket list, lifetime pro court is one to fit the bill. With its adjustable height up to seven and a half feet to ten feet, it can cater to individuals of all ages. Hence if you wish to purchase this product for your kids, rest assured, it will grow alongside them and last for decades to come.

In addition to being robust, the lifetime pro court is easy to install and can be placed anywhere. All while I am having 44 inches of first polyethylene backboard, which is ideal for practicing long and short shorts for beginners and newbies.


2. Lifetime Front Court


Moving towards a slightly professional basketball hoop, the lifetime frontcourt is one designed to deliver. It has 50 inches of the backboard, made with Polycarbonate and is see-through, which makes the board alone, an ideal companion for creative layups.

Moving on the rim of the lifetime frontcourt, it is equipped with a breakaway mechanism and making it a perfect fit for teens and kids alike who wish to slam dunk without being subjected to injuries. When it comes to weight, the lifetime frontcourt is a little heavier than its 27 gallons counterpart. Making it harder to move but easily portable for an adult.


3. Lifetime 52 Basketball Hoop

Lifetime 52 Basketball Hoop

The Lifetime 52’ backboard portable basketball hoop is an excellent addition to this list. With a slight difference in features in comparison to the last two products, this basketball hoop caters to a different niche entirely.

The slightly bigger backboard is made from transparent and durable Polycarbonate and matched with a robust base having 35 gallons of muscle. Allowing you to make all the dunks you want without moving an inch all while being equally portable with it’s not too heavy and not too light approach.

This basketball hoop comes fully equipped with pneumatic “Power Lift” system, enabling altering of the pole height to one’s absolute liking. With the option of going as low as 7.5 feet, ideal for kids!


4. Spalding Pro Slam

Spalding Pro Slam basketball hoop

Let’s move on to the equipment the pros at NBA use themselves. Spalding Pro Slam is the state of the art basketball hoop with a front leaning structuring which helps in promoting real games and real engagement.

The 54 inches of the blackboard, made with the finest Acrylic materials and matched with a hardcore 34-gallon base makes this nothing less than one of the best products available in the market today.

With great features comes an easy to read instruction manual which makes adjustments reasonably convenient. All this is later topped with the option of height adjustment from 7.5 feet to 10 feet, making it a single pole fit for kids and teens alike.


5. Silverback NXT

Silverback NXT

Similarly, Silverback NXT features options such as a 54-inch backboard, manufactured with Acrylic materials and built for excellence. The sturdy yet robust 35-gallon base makes it one massive duty tool that will withstand any shots in any weathers.

What makes this unique is the acrylic backboard, made with an infinity edge backboard design. Hence it doesn’t just provide a sleek look but also complements the background.



6. Spalding NBA 54

Spalding NBA 54

The is a must add to this list because of its Tempered Glass backboard material. The glass, however, is not the same in thickness used in the NBA. But it still ranks reasonably well in terms of quality and delivering results.

Bank shots are a breeze with this beauty, and despite having a base of 40 gallons, the tempered glass does not add much to the weight despite popular belief. A screw jack mechanism makes it easy to adjust the height as per your liking.


7. Spalding The Beast

Spalding The Beast

The Beast is popular among the community for basketball hoops and not without reason. The 66 inches of the backboard is a massive 60 inched behemoth paired with a large 55 gallons worth of base.

With its robust and enormous features, the beast comes as close to a professional basketball hoop compared to other contenders in the market. The huge tempered glass backboard makes it robust and enduring, and when matched with its base, rebounds are made extremely efficient. Moreover, the basket is unfazed regardless of the intensity of your dunks.


8. Goalrilla GS54

Goalrilla GS54

The list describing outdoor basketball hoops will be incomplete without some in-ground honorary mentions such as this one. The Goalrilla GLR is a robust piece of work, standing tall with 54 inches of backboard made with the 3/8-inch tempered glass for excellent rebound.

When matched with 5″x5″ piece of solid steel, this basketball hoop flaunts durability, stability, and endurance. The solid base is excellent for a sturdy grip that will last for days on end.


9. Pro Dunk Hercules

Entering the world of professional playing, the pro dunk Hercules is a massive addition to the list, which weighs more than 300 lbs and is packing muscles.

The built is profoundly enduring with a 6×6 inch steel matched with 72 inches of the backboard, made with 1/2-inch tempered glass, contributing heavily to its weight. The pole is fixed at ten feet and is one of the best in-ground poles one can buy.


10. Hercules Diamond

The pro dunk platinum doesn’t discriminate when it comes to playing basketball. With its height adjustment mechanism, it can go as low as 5.5 feet and even as high as 10 feet.

I am making it an ideal basketball hoop for kids, teens and adults alike. With a robust 8×6 inches of the support pole, rest assured in stormy weathers and matched with a 1/2-inch tempered glass backboard of 72 inches!


Buyer Guide

When it comes to selecting the great outdoor basketball hoop, there are numerous options available in the market. Some of which outrank others in terms of durability, sturdiness and even flexibility. Keeping in mind that there are no bad products available in the market, the difference lies in terms of what you are looking for. Hence the purpose of this buying guide is to help you narrow down which basketball hoop fits the bill for you and which doesn’t!

Size of The Backboard

All of the products mentioned above had one current emphasis, which is the size of the backboard. To some buyers, the size of the backboard can mean everything, and to others, it might mean nothing at all.Standard NBA backboard is 72 inches,
which is something you don’t usually see in a backyard or a driveway. This is because rarely anyone wants to opt for top tier professional gear unless they wish to pursue a career in the domain. For a newbie or a rookie, backboard starting with 44 inches will be more than suffice in helping them get started.

For those looking to go a little bit professional in the field of basketball, even the 55” – 60” would be enough of an investment. Hence prioritizing your aim, whether it is for fun and engagement or to peruse a professional career, can help in picking the right one.


Once you have decided on what board fits your need, its time to finalize a budget. Keeping in mind the skill level you selected and the length and width of the board. With the great emphasis being allocated to size, not the material composition.

Based on the requirement, then opt for the next best thing. The budget that fits the bill. Allocating budget is perhaps the most difficult task during a purchasing decision. Even if budget is not an issue, investing fully in a basketball hoop you will hardly use is not a sound decision. Keeping your requirements in mind, and the size of the board, select your budget.

Performance and Appearance

Once the budget has been estimated, leave room for interpretation. Whether you want a sturdy piece of equipment that gets the job done or whether you want it to be equipped and manufactured with materials that add to its beauty. The decision is to be made between Performance alone or Performance and Appearance. Keeping in mind that there are no unappealing basketball hoops, only preference.

The final place of installation matters a lot. Whether it’s a park, local vicinity, backyard or even a driveway. Buying the top tier product and not having enough space to fully utilize it can also make a good investment turn into a bad one.

Similarly, the choice of the outdoor basketball hoop also depends on the frequency of use of the location. If it is not underused then opting for an in-ground basketball hoop will be the better option. If the area is subjected to change, invest in portable basketball hoops.


Height adjustments over Fixed Height, which is better?

When it comes to selecting a basketball hoop, there is no better or worse; the term is subjected to the needs of the individual. For a person buying it for his/her kids, height adjustments can prove to be favorable as it accommodates adults and children alike. For personal or professional use, the need for height adjustments is not necessary, hence fixed height can be opted for.

Are there any advantages or disadvantages of in-ground over portable hoops and vice versa?

Based on usage and requirements, one can see the advantages and disadvantages of one over the other. If you do not tend to move a lot and wish a robust frame that will last for years to come, you will see a distinct advantage in in-ground hoops. Similarly, if you tend to shift places or would like the location of your hoop to be flexible, you will see advantages in portable hoops.

How do I know If I’ve selected the right basketball hoop?

Based on the nature of your requirements, you need to align the features of the product with your own. For example, the size of the location, skill level, and purpose of use are all important characteristics which can help you in being more decisive.

Final Verdict

Based on the information presented above, it is time to select a favorite. Keeping the notion in mind that there are no harmful products, what caters better to one might provide best to another. It is all highly dependent on usage and preferences.

For professional players opting to get selected in a league or even to play professionally, Pro Dunk Platinum can be an ideal fit. With its 72 inches of the backboard and a 1/2-inch tempered glass built, this product is suitable for use.

Along with the added benefit of being in-ground. Proving to be excessively sturdy and durable for the times when the games get rough. Moreover, what makes Pro Dunk Platinum the best fit is its warranty. Not only lasting until the match but also fully capable of enduring years and years of beating.

If you an amateur seeking to go pro, Silverback NXT can be your stepping stone to the professional world. It has a 54” backboard, enough to deliver and robust enough endure anything you through at it. With the best part being flexibility.

Considering to go pro and going pro are two different things. Luckily, Silverback NXT caters to both. If you wish to try your best and to polish your existing skills, this product fits the bill. If you are looking to try the odds but not commit to the pro-life, this product will work for you!

For just a fun time free from commitment, Lifetime Pro Court can work wonders for you. Not only is it friendly for all ages but it is incredibly light on the wallet. If you are not willing to commit for longer terms and want to partake in a friendly engaging activity with your kids, nieces or nephews or even by yourself, lifetime Pro Court delivers results. It’s light composition makes it easy to be moved around as well!

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