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Here I have mentioned different kinds of pickleball. I have gone through a lot of pickleball of different companies that manufactures them and enlisted pickleball that will help you narrow down the best pickleball for you.

After enlisting all the pickleball and their pros and cons you should also read the buyer’s guide I have made for you so that you can keep a checklist and check off the things that you are looking for in your pickleball and end up with the best pickleball.

Pickleball is played both indoors and outdoors. For that reason, the balls are categorized as indoors and outdoors. Playing with a wrong ball in a wrong environment can lead to some unexpected gameplay.

Therefore, it’s important to know about their types. Some pickleball are best for beginners and some are best for professional use. You can buy whatever you prefer.

6 Best Pickleball Balls

1. Onix Pure 2

It is said to be the best outdoor Pickleball ever.

2. Dura Fast Pickleballs

Dura is the official Ball of the US Open Pickleball Championship & USAPA Pickle ball National Champion.

3. Pickleball Central Balls

These are excellent pickleballs.

4. Franklin Sports Pickleballs

This pickleball is USAPA approved and is quite popular in the sports of pickleball.

5. TOURNA Strike Outdoor Pickleballs

The Tourna Strike Outdoor Pickleball Is completely ideal to play outdoors.

6.Gamma Sports Photon Outdoor Pickleballs

These pickleballs are USAPA approved for certified tournament games

1. Onix Pure 2

Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Balls

It is said to be the best outdoor Pickleball ever. They are heavier which really helps in the wind. If you are like me and don’t know the difference between indoor and outdoor pickleballs then don’t worry I got your back.

The outdoor ball has more holes than the indoor ball. The outdoor pickle ball made up of small holes which makes them a bit heavier and harder compared to indoor pickleballs. Another difference between the two is that the speed of outdoor pickleball is greater than the indoor pickleball and it bounces a bit higher than indoor pickleball.


2. Dura Fast Pickleballs

Dura Fast Outdoor pickleball balls

Dura is the official Ball of the US Open Pickleball Championship & USAPA Pickle ball National Champion. There are of good quality and the shipping is very fast.

When you first get it first it might seem harder than most but it pops off the paddle more and flies a bit further. You might have to adjust your style so you don’t end up over-hitting the ball.

For people who play tournament and are looking to buy pickleballs for your tournament, you can purchase Dura 40 balls. The actual performance of Dura 40 is very good. The Dura Orange is said to be more durable than Neon Green so keep that in your mind before purchasing them.

A lot of people opt for these balls because they are rated as pro-level balls a nice combination. There neon color makes them easier to spot. They are highly recommended.


3. Pickleball Central Balls

Pickleball Central Balls

These are excellent pickleballs. They are a bit expensive for some but you get what you pay for. These balls are durable, well made with good quality control and Great for outdoor play.

You can buy these balls for outside use. They have quite a different feel, bounce and texture that might be exactly what you are looking for. They are good balls for friendly outdoor games when you are playing to have fun.

The flourescents green color, easy for keeping the eye on the ball. This ball did bounce according to the International Federation of pickleball rules. The ball has a bounce of 30 to 34 inches, when dropped from a height of 78 inches to the top of the ball.

This pickleball is constructed In a way that makes it a very durable and strong ball. The company while constructing this ball applied the idea of one-piece construction which helps the ball in having no weak points. This way of construction also helps the ball become well-balanced and when played it is way smoother compared to other balls.


4. Franklin Sports Pickleballs

Franklin Sports X Pickleballs

This pickleball is USAPA approved and is quite popular in the sports of pickleball. The material of the pickleball is made up of PE. It is made up of one piece design so it helps the ball last for longer without getting damaged.

As pickleballs are divide among two categories of indoor and outdoor pickleball. So according to that this pickleball is an outdoor pickleball. It will give its full performance when used outdoors.

It has a design that makes them bounce consistently. I bet the moment you get this pickleball you will start playing in no time. Exercise with fun is also guaranteed. It will give you great practice hitting the ball and using coordination along with balance and endurance.


5. TOURNA Strike Outdoor Pickleballs

TOURNA Strike Outdoor Pickleballs

The Tourna Strike Outdoor Pickleball Is completely ideal to play outdoors. On top of that it is USAPA approved for tournament and sanctioned play. The specifications of the ball the construction, size, weight, bounce, hardness and design is absolutely perfect.

This is a good ball that is made out of tough material which pretty much guarantees that the pickleball will be longlasting.

There are six pickleball at a great price! Tourna pickleballs are perfect for use in my pickleball machine. They provide a ball that is reasonable price to practice. They are quite less than the Onix ball. There ball will work great with your training sessions.

It is best for someone who has a ball machine and for a coach who has multiple students learning under his guidance. The best part is that they are durable so they will last longer then what you might have in mind.


6. Gamma Sports Photon Outdoor Pickleballs

Gamma Sports Photon Outdoor Pickleballs

These pickleballs are USAPA approved for certified tournament games whether you are conducting a competition with in a group of your friends or you are trying to improve your game and practicing with a buddy or with a trainer, these balls are said to be a great ball for regulation play.

The color of the ball is optic green which has high visibility and because of that you can easily spot the ball no matter if there is enough light or not , the visibility helps you follow the ball easily and you will be able to hit the ball more accurately.

These balls are designed for indoor use and if you have brought new paddles these will be perfect for you. They are just the right weight and proved to be accurate in landing wherever you wanted them to and it will allow us to put spin on them for more challenging shots.

The gamma sports is among the famous company who knows what a player needs or is looking for in a pickleball. This ball is among the top indoor pickleballs. It is said to have the best visibility when it comes to indoor pickleballs.


Buyer Guide

After reviewing all of the pickleball I realize you might be burdened as to what you should buy but don’t worry i will provide you with a detailed consumer guide that will help you pick out the pickleball easily. So you don’t have to worry about a thing I got your back.

The following aspects will make sure that you end up with the Right Product.


When you looking for a pickleball you need to keep one thing in mind. What are you looking for? The performance of the pickleball declines with time like everything else.

If you want something that lasts longer then you need to look at the durability of the ball. The performance of the pickleball that is used by a beginner and by a professional is different. So when you narrow your pickleball down keep this In mind.


There are different prices of pickleball mentioned in the list. Some of them are of high durability and some of them are more in number. So that affects the price of the pickleballs.

If you are a beginner and just looking to have fun or pass some time you should opt for less expensive pickleball so even if you end up not playing that much you won’t feel guilty. But if you are a professional and want to buy these to practice for a tournament you should go all-in with the quality it might cost you a little extra but you won’t regret it.


You are investing your money so you should end up with a product that lasts longs. I have mentioned 6 balls above and I have mentioned their durability. Everything comes with a price, a ball that lasts long might be a little expensive and the ball that won’t last long might come at a lower price.


When you are playing with a new ball it is always fun. They have good bounces with perfect pace and you will get the same shot no matter how you hit it. Consistency is one of the vital elements while choosing a pickleball. So when you go through the list you should keep that in mind.

Indoors or outdoors

Some of the pickleball are made for indoors and some are perfect for outdoors. So before finalizing the pickleball keep that in mind that what kind of pickleball you want. So keep in mind that do you want to play outside or inside. When you look through the list you can easily differentiate between indoor and outdoor pickleball so it will be easy for you to make a decision.


We are at the end of the product review and I guess you must have read all the descriptions, pros, and cons of the ball. After all the research I wouldn’t want you to end up with the wrong ball. As you can see all the balls that have been featured here are top-rated in terms of quality, durability, and consistency. Pick any of the pickleball balls you like.

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