10 Best Pickleball Court Shoes

10 Best Pickleball Court Shoes

Here I have mentioned different types of pickleball court shoes. I have gone through a lot of shoes and companies that manufacture them and enlisted shoes that will help you narrow down the shoes that are the perfect pair for you.

You can read the purchaser guide I’ve created for you after mentioning all the shoes and their advantages and disadvantages so that you can keep a checklist to test the items you’ve included in your shoes.

1. New Balance mc806 Shoes

New Balance mc806 Shoes

If you are looking for tennis shoes, these are perfect for you. They work really well on the court and feel stable and solid, giving moderate arch support.

If you opt to buy these, you will be impressed by its design and quality. To be on the safe side, you should order one and a half size larger than what you occasionally wear.

They are quite comfortable, and you can play a different type of sport, and your feet won’t hurt. It is well-cushioned, having a great grip, and will feel wonderful.

For people who are looking for shoes having a classic look, and have leather construction. These are great for you. When you wear them, they will look good, and they don’t compromise on your comfort.


2. ASICS Gel-Dedicate

ASICS Gel-Dedicate

This will fit you perfectly; they have no heel slippage and are very conform and comfortable to wear. When you are looking for court shoes, you should keep that in mind that they have good support and they should not torque flex like running shoes. They are so comfortable that while playing, you will completely forget about your feet.

No doubt, these are the best court shoes for pickleball. You can move and have increased ability overall. The sole is infused with Gel to give it extra oomph factor. If you end up buying these, you won’t regret investing your money in this.


3. ASICS Gel-Rocket 8

ASICS Gel-Rocket 8

If you play pickleball and you are searching for new shoes, these could be what you have been looking for all along. They have an amazing grip and are comfortable to wear.

When buying these, you have to keep in mind that don’t order the size that is too exact, buy a 0.5 size larger. You will be moving and jumping and need some space for your feet to move freely.

They are great for indoor sports. They are durable and will last long. They are lightweight and provide enough for lateral movement and a cherry on top. They don’t cost that much either.


4. K-Swiss Bigshot Light 3

K-Swiss Bigshot Light 3

These are Great shoes and look completely amazing. They are longer than normal shoes. So you won’t have to order a size larger than you wear and are perfect for you because you will have plenty of room.

Once you buy these, you might not go back to any other shoes because they will last longer than most court shoes and are implacably comfortable.

Its basic purpose is to enable the player with great mobility on-court. They are great shoes for players who have just started out and are working on their game and their skill.


5. ASICS GEL-Court Bella Shoes

ASICS GEL-Court Bella Shoes

With the support and comfort the company does not compromise on its look. They look good and when you are wearing them and you will get great compliments.

People have difficulty finding shoes with high arches which gives them great support. And finding that in Pickleball shoes is difficult but don’t worry I got your back. If you are looking for those kinds of shoes you can buy these and won’t have to worry about anything.


6. ASICS Gel-Game 6

ASICS Men’s Gel-Game 6 Shoes

If you love playing Pickleball and you want to buy new shoes for yourself. These are the perfect Pickleball shoes. You won’t even have to break them in, as they are comfortable out of the box.

They are good looking stiff Pickleball shoes that give you comfort, and you won’t even have to pay a lot for them. It is roomier in the toe area, and that is great.

They are Good Sturdy Shoe for court wear. The shoe is heavier than you might be used to, but the comfort is amazing. If you are going for a pickleball match and have just brought these, you won’t have to worry about breaking in and that you won’t feel stable. You won’t have to worry about it.


7. K-Swiss Hypercourt Express

K-Swiss Hypercourt Express Shoes

The color, style, and fit of these shoes are quite amazing. They are quite comfortable if you are a nurse and have a lot of pressure from work you can buy these shoes and you will be in no pain.

If you have tried every shoe out and haven’t found the one you want, these will become your favorite. When you wear these, you will feel as if you are on cloud 9.

People who have wide feet suffer a lot for shoes that fit them perfectly, and after a lot of searching, they can finally find something that can fit them so I have good news for those people because these will be perfect for you. And you won’t have to think twice before buying these.


8. ASICS Gel-Dedicate 5

ASICS Gel-Dedicate 5

If you play pickleball in these shoes and they will do the job. I would think the only problem with most people would have is the middle area of the shoes, which are a little tight. It’s okay for people that have a narrow foot and heel. The shoes are well padded. The shoes weren’t stiff, and you will enjoy the game of pickleball.

They fit really well. There is ankle support when you play tennis. The white color is crisp and clean looking, and they won’t get dirty that easily. Exceptionally for the price, you can’t beat them. ASICS makes good shoes in general, and there is no exception here.

You should wear these with thin socks, but if you want to wear them with thick socks, you should opt for a half size bigger. When you wear them, they will conform to my foot and will be very form-fitting on the court.


9. ASICS Gel-Rocket 9

ASICS Gel-Rocket 9

Great looking shoes and you can purchase them if you want to play pickleball. These shoes might feel a little stiff when you first put them on, but when you go out and play in them, you will feel that you don’t need to break them in.

People who have that tried several other brands, and when they finally try these, they felt that ASICS were the best for fit, comfort, support, and value.

If you are looking to buy your husband or boyfriend comfortable shoes, I bet that if you buy them these, they will be more than happy. They have a nice fitting with a very soft cushioned heel, and on top of that, they are quite lightweight.


10. New Balance MC1006v1

New Balance Men’s MC1006v1 Shoes

If you have wide feet and are looking for shoes so you can wear them while playing Pickleball, they are perfect for you. They are comfortable and reasonably durable.

If you need extra support and wear ankle support or thick socks even after wearing them, you will still have enough room both in width and depth of height and won’t feel cramped.

These are comfortable enough that you can wear them around the house and for tennis and you won’t have to switch your shoes. They offer great fit and stability.


Buyer Guide

I know you may be burdened by what to purchase after evaluating all the shoes but don’t worry, I will provide a thorough shopping guide that will allow you to choose your shoes easily. The following aspects will ensure that the right product is obtained:


There are different types of pickleball shoes, and some have extra comfort. Some have support and stability, but everything comes with a price, so do these Shoes.

You first have to look at your budget and see what shoes are best for you. The range of shoes varies from $50 to $110.So keep that in mind.


You have to look at the small details before finalizing your shoes because every subtle detail is very significant. Some people are looking for shoes to be worn throughout the day. Some want to wear these shoes when they want to play any kind of sport.

The comfort level varies for every shoe, some of them you can wear all day long, and you won’t feel any pain, and some are good for a few hours wear. So keeping all that in mind, you need to narrow down your shoes accordingly because I wouldn’t want any of you to get disappointed.


I mentioned all the features of all the advantages and disadvantages I ended up with through research. I wouldn’t want that effort to go to waste, and you end up with the wrong product after the product review. I’d just want you to get the ideal pair of shoes. I’m pretty sure you won’t end up with the wrong pair if you read the pros and cons of the products carefully and read the review. I hope you will be able to narrow down and buy the product that suits your requirements.

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