Best Pickleball Paddles for Beginners

Whether you are a sportsperson or planning to play pickleball paddles, I must say that there are always some factors that must be considered before buying a pickleball paddles.

Pickleball paddles come in minimal shapes and sizes. It has gained much attention from multiple companies due to its recent popularity and marketing. Therefore, one must be aware of its features before buying one. There are many different kinds of pickleball paddles considering customer requirements.

There is a separate category for ideal and decent pickleball paddles for beginners. It’s understandable if you do not want to invest that much in the beginning. There are many pickleball paddles in the market due to hype that has amazing features but also they are quite expensive.

So, here we have come up with the selected and decent list of best pickleball paddles for beginners with the detailed reviews of each paddle to help you find the most desirable choice according to your budget and needs.

1. Niupipo Pickleball Paddles

Niupipo Pickleball Paddles

This USAPA – approved Niupipo pickleball paddles are very easy to be controlled because it has honeycomb composite cores and has sharp edges as well. You can have an excellent grip because of its resident surface.

Its comforting ergonomic design offers you extra comfort on each hit. It’s not heavyweight and therefore reduces the stress and protect your shoulders and elbows from injuries.

You can have excellent hand flexibility and actions by its sweat absorbent cushion grip. They have the best quality that allows you to move your hands freely.

This pickleball paddle has some advanced graphite face and honeycomb composite polymer core that provides the intense feel and touch and can give pure satisfaction to you by only playing with it.

You can protect the pickleball paddle with the neoprene cover when it is not being used. This graphite pickleball paddle is best for beginners and has a lifetime warranty.


2. Amazin Aces

Pickleball Paddle Set By Amazin' Aces

If you are a beginner, then The Amazin’s Aces pickleball paddles is a suitable paddle for you. It comes up with two paddles, four balls and a carry bag.

This pickleball paddle has a balanced weight and can be played outdoors. The grips of these paddles are hand-stitched and are not recommended for people with small hands.

This pickleball paddle will offer you great comfort and playability. It has a high performing honeycomb polymer core that provides a smooth surface to play with.

Amazin Aces pickleball paddle is a combination of cutting-edge technology and is made up of high-quality material that provides excellent results. It also comes up with bright and fun designs along with a beautiful box.

It has a one-year warranty and has a knowledgeable and a complete beginner’s guide to pickle e-book that has basic rules, tips and strategies to play efficiently.


3. Boomer Pickleball Paddle

Boomer Signature Pickleball Paddle

All boomer Signature pickleball paddles are one of the pickleball paddles that have astonishing results. You can carry it anywhere because of its lightweight.

It is long-lasting along with graphite face and sweat absorbent feature. It will keep you dry for hours. You can play with full flexibility and power.

It’s recommended for beginners with the right usage of power and control. You can shoot power smashes, block shots and drop shots. It is USAPA approved that means it has been thoroughly tested and has been approved by USA pickleball association.


4. Upstreet Graphite

Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddle

It is always essential to choose the right pickleball paddle that has all the main features. Upstreet is one of the known pickleball paddles amongst players because of its light-weight and durable paddles. They are readily adaptable by beginners.

They have all the main features that you should be there in professional paddles. You can play with full flexibility that lets you control where the ball goes because it has a core that absorbs shock and has a smooth surface.

The honeycomb structure is very beneficial for absorbing shocks. If you are a beginner or an intermediate or starting to learn how to paddle, then it is a good choice for you. Upstreet pickleball paddle has a neoprene cover and comes in a variety of colors.


5. Phaser 2.0 GAMMA

Gamma Sports 2.0 Pickleball Paddles

Gamma is a known brand for manufacturing some marvelous pickleball paddles that are very reliable and are of good quality. One of the tremendous and mid-range options for beginners and intermediate players is The phaser 2.0.

You will have an improved ball control because of its honeycomb core along with Graphite face. It has a flat surface that will provide immense ball control and power while playing the game.

It is long-lasting and not too heavy. It is not suggested for skilled players as it requires intense power play.


6. Gamma Micron 2.0

Gamma Sports 2.0 Pickleball Paddles

If you are looking for an excellent grip and having some more power control, then Micron 2.0 pickleball paddle is the right choice for you. It is been built to provide to have more leadership and intense game.

It is made up of Aramid honeycomb core that has a smooth surface along with durable edge guard. You will have a stable game and cit is easier to put power with a smaller grip and a fiberglass surface. It is quite cheap and a top-rated paddle on Amazon. It is best for beginners.


7. Third Shot Drop Custom

Third Shot Drop Custom Pickleball Paddle

The Third shot drop Kratos Model B is one of the recommended pickleball paddles for beginners as well for experienced. It provides an immense power to control the ball because of it’s carbon power surface.

This carbon power surface has a honeycomb interior that leads to a thicker surface. It has gained much popularity with the experienced players.

If you are a regular player, then it’s the right choice because its a durable material and a Nomex core. It has a flat grip that can quickly absorb the sweat from hands, and you can have a good grip while playing with it.

This paddle has the privilege of making you superior because of it’s controlled spins, and if you are looking for a longer paddle with a slim-trip edge, then it’s for you. It’s USAPA tested and approved and recommended for beginners.


8. Tempest wave

PaddleTek Tempest Wave Pickleball Paddle

The Tempest wave is one of the known pickleball paddles in sports. It has unique features that we are looking for in a paddle. This paddle is average weight with the combination of high power, surface, and grip. Here we are going for some details about this paddle.

Many professional players are using this paddle because it’ an amazing performance it offers. Tempest wave paddle has a slightly longer handle, which becomes more comfortable to hold for a longer period quickly, and it’s flexible to play with it.

It has a polymer core surface and graphite face, which is very important to strike fiercely. Every strike with this shot feels hard, fast, and tactile. You will enjoy every bit of playing with this paddle.

The only limitation of this paddle is that it doesn’t allow to spin the ball that much. Fiberglass faces are recommended for ridiculous spins.

The only limitation of this paddle is that it doesn’t allow to spin the ball that much. Fiberglass faces are recommended for ridiculous spins.


9. ONIX Graphite Z5

ONIX Graphite Z5 Graphite Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

The Oniz graphite is one of the top-selling pickleball paddles on Amazon. The reason for its popularity is its outstanding touch and ball control. This paddle gives a great privilege to players to feel superior and powerful.

You can play with full flexibility and freedom. It is a medium weight paddle that has effective ball control and is recommended for beginners as well for advanced players because of its performance and wide-body shape that extends the width of the paddle.


10. Third Shot Drop Pickleball Paddle

Third Shot Drop Pickleball Paddle

The Third shot, Drop Chaos Model D, is a decent choice for the beginners. If you are a light-hitting player, then this paddle has superior ball placement and has a great touch.

You will able to control the ball more frequently because of its aluminum core and graphite surface. It has a honeycomb interior that has the right thickness on both the front and back of the surface.

The aluminum core gives the full coverage of sweet spot coverage. It is durable and sturdy. You don’t have to worry if your hands are sweat because Third shot drop chaos model D is sweat absorbent.

This paddle is recommendable for medium-grip people, and its quite comfortable to hold it. It comes up with a custom fit cover to protect your valuable paddle. It is made up of the most excellent quality, and all components are made in the USA.


Buyer Guide

There certain factors that must be considered before buying a great quality paddle. The main question is that what features are you exactly looking for? A great paddle provides you an intense comfortable level and helps you to play a better game. A good quality pickleball paddle should have the right material, weight, hitting area size, and a handle. An efficient pickleball paddle is more flexible, has more power control, accurate shots, and there is less pressure on your arms.

These are the factors that must be considered before buying a pickleball paddle.


The right weight plays a vital role in obtaining a pickleball paddle. It should be your priority when choosing the right paddle.

The range varies typically from 6 light paddles to 14 ounces, heavy paddles. The weight of the paddle would determine your personal preference, style of playing, and fitness level.

The advantages of choosing a light or medium weight paddle are the increase in ball control and more flexibility. The only drawback that you have to hit the ball harder. While a heavy paddle gives more power and fewer efforts during the game.


Pickleball paddles come with different and good quality material. Most of the pickleball paddles have a honeycomb core that absorbs energy and protect it from damages.

A great paddle should have an aluminum core that makes a paddle more strong, and it offers good control to players. Many paddles also have a Nomex surface. It is usually lighter than aluminum and offers better control, and it is also a resident of damages.
Polymore core

Further, pickleball paddles also come up with polymer core, which is less dense then Nomex. They also defend the paddle from damaging and gives some opportunity to lose some control while playing.

Graphite face

It’s important to consider graphite material in a paddle to keep it quick and light. A paddle that has carbon fiber are always durable and lasts for years.

It’s been advised by manufacturers always to consider the size of the paddle. If you have small hands and the paddle size is more significant, then it may become challenging for you to play with it or vice versa. Therefore, it is better to check out your height and grasp before buying the right paddle for yourself.

Well, these are the factors that must be considered before buying a paddle. I hope this buying guide would benefit you to make a better and knowledgeable decision for yourself.


I would recommend the paddle that matches your comfortability level. For that, you need to decide which paddle meets your requirements and skill level. If you are a beginner, then you should check out the reviews and features.

Average quality paddles are mostly expensive or superior. You can look at mixed reviews. It is always better to try out the different paddles and gain some exposure.

Also, make sure to check secure edges, weight, handles, and the materials used. In short, the most desirable paddle depends upon what kind of player you are.

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