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Top 10 Best Racquetball Racquets with Reviews & Guides

Racquetball is one of the amazing and fun-filled sports to play. It is quite energetic and fantastic game. It requires a flexible and hood quality racquetball racquet to play this game properly.

To play it properly, you would need proper training and a lot of struggle to become pro in this game. It does require many days and practice to reach a high level.

Therefore, it is necessary to get the best racquetball racquet that meets your requirements and gives amazing results. To become a good player, you have to hit with power, spin and accuracy. To choose a perfect racquetball racquet for yourself requires energy and research.

You should have an idea about the basic features of racquetball racquet. Here we have come up with the best and known racquetball racquet to help you to choose from.

1. Wilson Racquetball

Wilson Racquetball All Gear Set

Racquetball is a fun-filled and energetic game. It is a heart-filling game that requires positive energy and passion. It is only fun when you are experienced and has enjoyed playing it.

Therefore, Head Company has come up with an amazing design i.165 Racquetball racquet. This racquetball racquet has an innovative design that brings mind-revolution and a whole new experience while playing this game.
The design makes sure that it has a strong impact

It is made up of high-quality materials and that makes a racquet of very good quality. It has been designed with a solid material that gives easy handling grip and a string pattern of 16/19.

This Head i.165 is a lightweight racquet and has a fiberglass design. Therefore, it is very flexible to play with great power and control. It has a six months warranty. You can order it online with delivery at your place.


2. Wilson Striker Racquetball

Wilson Striker Racquetball Racquet

Wilson Striker is another known company that manufactures premium quality and long-lasting racquetball racquets. The company has gained much popularity and tremendous response because of launching flexible racquetball racquets.

It has also launched Racquetball Racquet Head Mx that is highly professional racquetball racquet and has some amazing features. This racquetball racquet targets players who are not regular and plays racquetball once or twice a week.

It is comparatively cheap from other racquets. It’s a medium weight racquet that comes up with low gauge strings. You can even buy it for entertainment at home or any luxurious place.

It has an efficient technological design that offers effective winging and shoot. You can have a fair control and power to strike the ball because of its V-matrix design.

It was a launch to target recreational activities and for first-time players. They can effectively learn with this high-quality racquet.


3. E-force racquetball

E-force racquetball Racquet

If you are looking for a durable and reliable along with mind-blowing design, high-quality material and great power, then E-force racquet is the right choice for you.

This racquet is best for intermediate and entry players. It’s a medium weight racquet that weighs around 170g and is about 22 inches long. It’s very flexible to play. You can easily swing it in any direction and with immense power.

It’s made up of high-quality material that is Hi-compression wing technology for long-lasting impact in a game. It’s a medium-weight racquet and it comes in different colours, such as, black, white and green.

It has a good grip and can hold a fair amount of power. You will love that does it performs and gives fruitful experience.


4. Deluxe Racquetball

Deluxe Racquetball Starter Kit Series

Deluxe Racquetball starter kit series is a known series of Racquetball racquet. It has gained much popularity because of the convenience it gives. This model has some amazing features that have been positive reviews by the whole world.

If you are a racquetball lover and loves to play it with friends or family, then this racquetball racquet is definitely for you. This will make your game more fun and enjoyable.

Deluxe Racquetball Racquet’s design is very innovative and comes with special packaging. It has a launchpad technology and low gauge strings which increases its durability. Moreover, it offers high grip inches that give strength, power and control.


5. HEAD Liquid Metal

Head liquid Metal Racquetball

If you are looking for a powerful and amazing racquetball racquet then Head liquid Metal is for you. It gives a satisfactory performance with ultimate energy.

It has an easy grip and gives powerful shots. This racquet has an innovative metal technology and is made up of high-quality material.

You can easily play with this racquet with family and friends. The strings are fairly generic. It’s best if you play with this racquet once or twice a weak.

It’s a medium weight racquet and is available in orange and white color. You will surely love this racquet for its quality and strength.


6. Ektelon PowerRing Freak SS

Ektelon PowerRing Freak SS Racquetball Racquet

Ektelon powerRing Freak SS is a brilliant and world-class racquetball racquet. It has some high-end features along with great performance.

If you want to learn and experience true racquetball game, then this racquet is definitely for you. A great kit to play with friends and family.

The model of this kit is practical and valuable. The package consists of 2 racquetballs, gloves, protective eye-wear and a racquet.

It also has a guide book that will guide about different aspects of playing racquetball. This extra-ordinary racquet has an innovative design that consists of Aerolite Alloy Frame that offers immense strength and power to play this game.

The strings on the racquet are V-shape and assure that there is no ball deflection. It’s highly durable that give the ultimate experience.


7. Head MX Hurricane

HEAD MX Hurricane Pack Racquetball Racket

Head MX Hurricane Racquetball Pack is another known and highly rated brand for launching great racquets. It amazing features that meet all the requirements and would bring fruitful experiment for all of us.

This Head MX hurricane racquet has a 3 5/8 inch grip that is quite easy to handle. It comes with a special packaging that has all the necessary accessories, such as, eye protection wear, gloves and two Penn ultra blue racquetballs.

It is a light weight racquets that weigh around 190 grams, it is very flexible and easy to play with this racquet. Head MC has high gauge strings that arranged in small pixels for a better view and shooting the ball.

This racquet is best for beginners because it provides stability and control for players. You can also feel impact vibration while hitting the ball. This racquet is best for old age people and the ones who have injured shoulders.


8. Cobra 180 Racquet

Cobra 180 Racquet Racquet

Cobra 180 Racquet Racquet is another innovative invention by Head manufacturers. This is one of the famous and known racquets for it’ a popularity and amazing features.

It has some mind-blowing features, such as? Corrugated technology, innegra durazone and power channels. It weighs around 180 grams, has a grip size of 3 5/8 and has a cross-sectional view.

The power channels head is very useful and effective because it eliminates 33% of the grommet holes in the head. The innegra consists of this racquet offers great opportunity to have stability and it increases the shock absorbent.

Power stabilizer head’s patented twin-tube has been purposely created and placed in the head of the racquet for maximum steadiness. It is very practical to use and it gives its 100% performance.


9. Head liquid Metal Racquetball

Head liquid Metal Racquetball

This paddle cover is made up of Premium neoprene material that protects your paddles from any kind of damage like scratches moisture etc.

When you order these they will deliver you this paddle covers in no time and if you have any kind of problem the customer service is amazing so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

It fits regular size Pickleball paddle having the length -15 ½ inch, -8 inch. So before buying this keep that in your mind so you don’t end up with a paddle cover which won’t fit perfectly.


10. Head CPS Demon

Head CPS Demon racquetball racquet

If you are looking for a powerful and amazing racquetball racquet then Head liquid Metal is for you. It gives a satisfactory performance with ultimate energy.

It has an easy grip and gives powerful shots. This racquet has an innovative metal technology and is made up of high-quality material.

You can easily play with this racquet with family and friends. The strings are fairly generic. It’s best if you play with this racquet once or twice a weak.

It’s a medium weight racquet and is available in orange and white color. You will surely love this racquet for its quality and strength.


Buyer Guide

We always consider a few things before buying a product, there are always certain factors or features that we are constantly looking for. We should research beforehand to buy a good quality product. These factors will help us to choose the product more gracefully. This should be done if you are buying a product first time or you have not much idea. However, with complete guidance, you can pick a perfect racquetball racquet that goes with your requirements.

Few factors must be considered before buying A racquetball racquet.

Here are the few factors that must be considered before buying the racquet.


Weight is one of the important factors that must be considered before buying a racquet. The weight of your racquet would determine your style of playing, flexibility and control over the ball.

There are three variations of weights, such as light, medium or heavy.

Light racquets are very professional by nature and mostly consider by nature. It weighs around 150 to 165 grams and is of great convenience.

Heavy hitter: This kind of racquet is best for those who want to experience true power. It is the best model for those who want to show their style and techniques. They put effort to pull off the game and does not rely only on raw power. This racquet is not recommended for people who are experiencing shoulder problems.

Medium models: Medium racquetball racquet ranges from 170 grams to 185 grams. This racquet is been frequently bought by the players as it has all the main features and gives neutral power.

Heavy racquets have the range from 185 grams to above and are very useful and efficient for old and experienced players. They know the true power of playing racquet. It’s effective for those who play styles and techniques. People with injured shoulders can play with this racquet.


Grip factor is one of the most important factors that must be considered before buying a racquetball racquet. There are two kinds of grips. One is wrapped grip and other is rubber grip. The wrap grip gives great comfort.

It is non-sticky and sweats absorbent. It is made up of faux leather strap that is wrapped around the handle. The only drawback is that it sticks less and sometimes slips from the hands.

While rubber grip offers excellent stick and it is very comfortable to play this rubber grip. It slips from hands only in case of extreme wetness.


Racquetball racquets are known for the quality of strings it possessed. It is the key factor that must be considered before buying the racquet. There is a difference between tennis and racquetball strings. They are entirely different from each other.

Certain aspects must be understood about strings.

The tension between strings is known as how loose or tight they are. The strings that are high tension means that ball control is more and there is more flexibility for players.

While low tension strings mean that there will be a high bounce outcome and will have more power control. Thicker strings are best for new players because it offers more durability while thinner strings with higher gauge are for experienced players.


Balance is also the main factor that should be considered before choosing the best racquetball racquet. There are a few aspects of balance.

Some of the racquets are head heavy, that means racquet’s upper part is hard and it can shoot the ball more powerfully.

Further, some racquets are headlight that means the major weight is around the neck. The advantage of this balance is that the players will have more power in the neck and will have immense controllability power.

It does not require heavy swings play. Some of the racquets are evenly balanced that means the weight is in the middle and offers both power and control.


Racquetball is a fun game and it requires a lot of experience and passion to enjoy this game. To win this game, a player should have all the requirements, accessories, play kit and a racquet.

Good quality accessories will have the major features that will help a player in winning the game. They are reliable and durable for a long period.

Some factors must be looked at carefully before investing. These may include, price, balance, weight, grip and strings. The best racquet will have all the major qualities and would give the best performance amongst all.

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