What are the Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners?

Are you a beginner level player with inclining interests towards tennis? Or, perhaps, you are merely in search of the best tennis racquets for beginners? Well, in both cases, you are in the right place!

As a novice, it is important to know that tennis racquets are the cardinal part of the game. The understanding of the mere fact will help you realize the importance of tennis racquets.

Power, control, spin, movement, and bounce every single element of a good player is deeply associated with a good racquet. Thus, if you in the early stages of tennis learning, it is of immense importance that you first search through the best tennis racquets for beginners, and select one that suits you the most.

A tennis racquet for beginners will assist you in building up your unique playing style, and also in discovering your potential. Here is a compilation of the 8-best tennis racquets for beginners to help you decide!

1. HEAD Ti.S6

HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

HEAD has a strong reputation on the tennis equipment production line, which has its roots linking to reliance and trust. Striving to merge convenience into the playing, the brand has released several appreciable product ranges, including tennis racquets, strings, and much more.

A recent addition to the vast sports collection is the HEAD Ti.S6 tennis racquets, which certainly a top-choice amongst beginners. The tennis racquet composition includes titanium and graphite in a particular ratio.

The presence of titanium accounts for its lightweight, despite, being extra-long in size. Hence, a beginner can practice the game for long hours before exhausting. Also, the large size helps them learn proper handling and movement of the tennis racquet.

Also, the graphite provides durability, and strength so that a beginner can play carelessly and does not have to invest in racquets continuously. With an excellent in-hand feel, the HEAD Ti.S6 tennis racquet is a good choice for beginners.


2. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket

Wilson Hyper Hammer Strung Tennis Racquet happens to be a masterpiece manufactured by a leading name in Sports Good Industry. The racquet tennis truly represents the 106-year-old experience of the Wilson Company.

Knowing the needs of a beginner, the company has crafted a dependable tennis racquet that has a wonderfully large sweet spot. With 27.5-inches of length, it complies with standard measurements of a regular tennis racquet.

However, it provides exceptional maneuverability and control, responding to the balls hit almost instantly and efficiently. The Wilson Hyper Hammer Strung Tennis Racquet has a perfect balance of heavy-head frame and lightweight lower body.

Moreover, this tennis racquet features a considerably large head size, which provides more forgiveness to a novice player. And thus, more power!


3. Prince Textreme Tour 100P

Prince Textreme Tour 100P

The epitome of versatility, Prince Textreme Tour 100P serves the needs of both beginners and advanced players. It offers precision, power, and control. The tennis racquet performs so exceptionally that it got endorsed by Lucas Pouille.

It weighs only 11.5 ounces and measures only 27-inches in length. With an appropriately sized head, the racquet is proficiently responsive and offers better control.

It has a dense 18 by 20 stringing pattern which promises both stiffness and flexibility. The 4.25-inch diameter makes it easy to handle and play about with it. Thus, enabling quick and powerful spins.

What’s more, the company has designed the tennis racquet uniquely and thoughtfully. The black exterior brings about a classy feel while the neon green keeps the energetic feel of the game alive, motivating the novice players. The lightweight Prince Textreme Tour 100P will allow you to swish, swing, and hit all the same.


4. Babolat Drive 15

Babolat Drive 15

Drive 115 full-graphite racquet happens to be one of the many powerful and diverse tennis racquets manufactured by Babolat. With several integrated technologies, the racquet has better responsiveness and spin potential as compared to other tennis racquets in the same range.

Drive 115 features a dynamic system using Woofer Technology. It makes the frame and the strings contribute equally in hitting when the ball strikes. Regardless of the velocity of the striking ball, the static frame will keep the strings firmly in place.

Thus, allowing the player to make the desired move without any difficulty. This 27.6-inches long tennis racquet has a moderate 16 by 19 string pattern with a generous 115 Sq.inches head size. Hence, it serves the needs of both beginners and intermediate players.


5. Wilson Federer

Wilson Federer Tennis Racket

Manufactured by a trusted brand, Wilson Federer happens to be the best racquet for Adult beginner tennis players. It is a super combination of stability, forgiveness, as well as power.

The red volcanic frame of the tennis racquet aims to energize the player and boost his/her spirits. With a heavy head and lightweight lower body, the racquet has a perfect balance.

However, unlike other listed models of tennis racquets for beginners, this racquet is slightly heavier at 11.5 ounces. But, it will work well for a recreational player who wishes to play not more than two to three times a week.

The racquet has a head size of about 110 square inches, which gives a good hit even if you miss the Sweetspot. The 4 3/8 inch grip has shock pads for shock absorption and improved comfort.


6. HEAD Ti. Conquest

HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket

As mentioned earlier, HEAD happens to be the leading manufacturer of sports goods globally. The company has been equipping aspiring tennis players for a long time. One of the many tennis racquets for beginners manufactured by the brand include HEAD Ti.

Conquest Tennis Racquet, which is truly one competent racquet. At a very nominal rate, the racquet offers a larger Sweetspot with its oversized head of about 108 square inches.

Hence, allowing entry-level players to shine brighter with lesser lost-shots and more hits. Built with Nano Titanium Technology, the racquet has a lightweight yet durable construction.

Since this beginner level racquet has been built to facilitate adult players, it has a large but comfortable grip of about 4.5-inches. The racquet also offers increased stability.


7. Wilson Tour Slam

With aluminum construction, the Wilson Tour Slam is certainly gaining popularity for its high-quality. The volcanic frame technology portrays the company’s futuristic approach in sports equipment development.

Also, the use of Stop Shock Pads in the strings ensures that lesser vibrations travel through the racquet. Instead, the energy gets transferred to the hit.

Thus, the Wilson Tour Slam offers more power and energy-filled shots with the slightest of hits. Also, there are lesser chances of experiencing health issues, like elbow strain.

With an over-sized head of 112 sq. In, the tennis racquet offers a large sweet spot, which helps beginners to practice their shot accuracy. The extra-length of 27.5” also provides better spins.


8. HEAD MicroGel Radical

HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet

HEAD’s MicroGel Radical Oversize, is yet another wonderful addition in this list of 8 best racquets for beginners. It is one of the oldest racquets designed to help the young players cope up with the experts.

Combining power and control, HEAD MicroGel Radical features the MicroGel technology which allows it to absorbs the shock and evenly distribute it, when the ball hits the racquet’s surface. Thus, bringing about a solid-rick feel as well as control and comfort.

With its 18 by 19 dense string pattern and a head size of 107 square inches, the Head MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet offers substantial forgiveness.

This 27-inch-long racquet weighs only 10.4 Ounces, which makes it extremely easy to handle and maneuverable. The larger head size guarantees a larger Sweetspot and better playing experience.


Buyer Guide

The racquet type influences the playing quality a lot, which is why professional players especially shop for a suitable racquet before registering for a tournament. The tennis racquet helps them enhance their style and achieve the desired objectives. So, if you are a tennis player, regardless of your playing level, it is essential to know about the ways of purchasing the most suitable tennis racquet. Read ahead to unlock the elements you should look for in the best tennis racquet for beginners.

Things to Consider

Below is a list of ideal features that one should look for when purchasing the best tennis racquet for beginner. However, keep in mind that personal preferences and individualistic needs might influence this best tennis racquet for beginners criteria.

Head Size

Usually, the head size of a tennis racquet gets classified into three categories that are over-size (above 104 sq. In), mid-plus (95-104 sq. In), and mid (95 sq. In).

The over-sized category is for beginners, mid-plus for intermediate, and mid for advanced level players. As you will be a beginner, it is wisest to choose an over-sized tennis head, though it is okay if you purchase a mid-plus.

An augmented head size will offer you with the more sweet spot. Thus, you can practice hitting the ball accurately in the center, which is why advance level racquets have the smallest head size.


Similar to the head size, the weight gets classified into three categories that are light (<10 oz.), medium (10-11.5 oz.), and heavy (>11.6 oz.).

Being a beginner, it is always better to choose tennis racquets between light to medium. These lightweight racquets enhance playing quality and do not drain your energy quickly.

You can practice for relatively longer hours before feeling the need to rest. Also, lightweight tennis racquets prevent health issues like elbow strain.


The grip of a tennis racquet is a varying feature that will be different for each individual. Take the tennis racquet into your hand and swing it a few times to select the most suitable grip. It should feel firm and comfortable.


Another reason why a novice tennis player must choose an over-sized head is due to the power it offers. As an inexperienced player, it is natural not to have power in your swings. However, at this stage, the training mostly revolves around movement and control as power develops with time.

But, it does not mean that the element of power gets looked over. Obviously, the power, control, and movement together enhance your playing level. So, while you focus on control and movement as a beginner, you will need a powerful racquet. A larger head size will offer more power.


Now, that you know about the best tennis racquets for beginners, take your time, and analyze each one yourself. Examine whether the racquet suits your needs better or not.

Try to remember the features mentioned in the guide and search for them. It may take some time and effort, but it is certainly wiser to invest in an efficient racquet once.

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