7 Best Tennis Overgrips

Want to spend extra time on the tennis court. But you seem to get tired because your hands end up being in a lot of pain. Don’t worry I think We have a solution for you and to protect your hand.

We have mentioned 7 best tennis overgrips to protect your hand and improve your game. These overgrips won’t just make your hands better but also improve your game. We have mentioned different types of overgrips so you have a range to choose from and get exactly.

After mentioning 7 best tennis overgrips We have also combined few aspects you should look into before finalizing your product. You can read that at the end of the article under the title Buyer’s Guide.

1. Gamma Supreme Overgrip

Gamma Supreme Overgrip

Gamma makes the best overgrips. They last longer than other overgrips and have an additional stickiness that doesn’t cause blisters.
The product is comfortable and helps with performance.

If you live in a hot region like Florida you will find the Gamma Supreme especially useful when you are playing in 90 Degree temperature and your hand retains water, the racket doesn’t slide and there will be no loss of performance.

Once you buy these overgrips you won’t switch anytime soon. These grips are of good quality, affordable and consistent. When you order these the shipping is fast and packaging is good.

If your old grip is starting to fail and you are looking for a replacement. I’m happy to say that you don’t have to look further because it will get the job done.

The tape has a nice feel and easy to install from the bottom of the racket. It includes the tape necessary to hold it in place at the top.


2. Wilson Pro Tennis Over Grip

Wilson Pro Tennis Over Grip

Are you one of those people who play tennios couple times a week and the temperature is brutal. The inexpensive and good quality grips will make these your go to grips. You won’t have to change them quite often and you only will feel the need after a couple of months.

People who bought them once haven’t gone to other grips.The white color helps you know when it’s time to replace the grip tape. People too often continue overuse the grip because they are using a darker color grip and when it wears off they don’t notice and don’t realize how bad the grip has gotten.

If you are a beginner and looking for your first grip table. You won’t have any problem using these if you follow the pictures that are there to guide you. The grip will go on quite effortlessly.

The feature that makes this grip stand out is that It is very comfortable and when you are playing your racquet won’t slip out of your hand because of sweat and according to me that is a huge advantage. Highly Recommended.


3. Tourna Grip XL Tennis Grip

Tourna Grip XL Tennis Grip

These grips are made to be used in summers when you know you will be dealing with sweaty hands. It absolutely wicks away the sweat and the rackets don’t slip.

The reason why it works well is summers is because of the dry tape. The tape helps you use the racquet all year long. When the grip starts to spin in your hand, that’s your sign to change the grip.

You can play 3 to 4 matches with one grip before you have to change it. For people that have hands which are a bit too sweaty they will need to change the grip more often.So keep that in mind before buying them.

They are said to be softer and more absorbent compared to other grip tapes. If you live in an area that is hot with that heat and humidity of the summer you might have trouble holding on to your racket especially while serving. But if you start using Tourna Grip, it won’t be a problem anymore.

There are fantastic and once one side is dirty, you can take them off and use the other side it still works terrific. They give you great use with great quality and doesn’t cost a lot.


4. Wilson Ultra Wrap Tennis Overgrip

Wilson Ultra Wrap Tennis Overgrip

These over grip have beaten a lot of other over grip hands down. When you buy these once you will end up buying these “by the dozens” every couple of months or so.

These are quite easy to use and unlike other brands are long enough to wrap the entire handle from the butt cap all the way to the end of the factory instored leather grip.

You will be putting them on the moment you get these over grips. They are inexpensive and will be your go to as they break down quickly like most of the inexpensive ones. Tough to go wrong with these.

You will definitely be thanking Wilson Pro because it takes cares of your hands; these grips are soft & durable. You won’t have to deal with over grip shredding in your hands as soon as they get wet.

In 90 degrees environment they will last approximately two-three weeks before you will feel the need to change them. For more temperature environment they will last longer.


5. Yonex Super Grap Overgrip

Yonex Super Grap Overgrip

Some people have a thing for lime color and if you are one of those people and want a lime colored over grip for your racket then don’t worry I got your back. This over grip will be absolutely perfect for you.

The Application was easy even though if you haven’t applied it for some time. But if you still seem to not get the hang of it don’t worry these are helpful YouTube videos that will definitely help you out.

This Yonex Super Grap is true to the color what it is advised for. It looks very good and decent on the racket. But a drawback is that it is perfect for a junior-size racket, but is only slightly smaller than an adult racket.

Problem of having sweaty hands and you have had no luck finding the perfect over grip for that. If you use this over grip the sweat disappear very fast.

They feel really good; it isn’t too tacky or textured. If you play at least 4 times a week, 3 hours straight they won’t disappoint because it holds up pretty well.


6. Wilson Tennis Racquet Over Grip

Wilson Tennis Racquet Over Grip

This Wilson Wrap is quite easy to apply with clear instructions .Self Adhesive and withstands the FL heat while playing in the humidity.

After applying this wrap your racket will feel good as new. When you order this you will definitely get them on tie and will receive exactly as described.

This replacement grip makes for a comfortable hold and extremely durable with a soft feel. You can use it for tennis racket and other uses. It is available in 3 grips per pack.

Wilson makes excellent product and there is no exception here. They have a good solid grip. Having amazing reviews. It is highly recommended.


7. Tennis Badminton Racket Overgrips

Tennis Badminton Racket Overgrips

These grips comes in a pack of 12. So if you are looking to buy grips and not go back to a shop after a couple of months. This is definitely for you because they will last long.

These grips can be used on racquets belonging to different sports. It can be used on tennis racquets, squash & badminton. So if you want to try out new sport you can use these grips for other kinds of racquets too.

This anti-slip grip comes with sweat absorption and is also provides resistance that helps your grip. This grip makes the racquet more durable. The grip is made up of thinner material so you won’t get irritated by the grip while playing.



There are different types of tennis Overgrip available and they come in different forms. Some come in 3 packs. Some come in 10 and so on.

As the packs differ in the quantity of the overgrip they also differ in prices. They range from $5 to $60.You need to keep in mind your budget so you don’t end up with something that you will regret buying.


Before finalizing your Overgrip you need to keep in mind if you are looking to play as a beginner or professional. If you want to play tennis for just as a time pass you should opt for something that is less expensive and comes in a fewer number. So they won’t go to waste.

If you are practicing for a tournament & you play 3 hours every day and you will obviously be using your racket a lot. You need to buy an overgrip that has long durability and is comfortable for your hands. Most importantly you need to keep that in mind that whatever overgrip you use it doesn’t affect your game but improves it.


The overgrip I have mentioned have different range of durability some last very long some are of great quality but they don’t last very wrong. So you need to keep that in mind so you don’t end up getting disappointed.


I have listed all of my research’s advantages and disadvantages. I don’t want this initiative to be waste and you end up having the wrong product even after the product review.I’d like you to get the ideal tennis overgrip, nothing else.

I am quite certain you will never end up in the wrong grip tape if you read carefully the products pros and cons and read the review attentively.

I hope you can narrow down the grip tape that fulfills your requirements and buy it. Keep in mind that whatever you end up buying is best for you and it improves your game and doesn’t end up hurting your hand.

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