What are the Best Tennis Strings for professional players?

While hitting the tennis ball with your racquet, what is that one factor, which affects the resultant hit the most? Do the bezel and the framework of the racquet play that influential role or the tennis strings? Of course, the tennis strings! The tennis strings, weaved into a grid pattern, form the prime foundation and the essence of the racquet.

Without the tennis strings, there is no benefit to the coreless metallic structure of the racquets. There remains no doubt, considering the importance of the tennis strings, that the variation in the composition of the tennis strings may significantly affect the hit.

The better tennis strings will transform even the simplest of hits into a powerful and scoring hit. However, even the most powerful hits may become a disaster when the lesser potent tennis strings get used.

Fortunately, the experienced tennis players understand the role of tennis strings in a racquet quality. Thus, they keep on upgrading their sports gear with the best tennis strings. Here is a comprehensive compilation of the best tennis strings that are suitable for every player level.

1. Wilson Synthetic

Wilson Synthetic Gut Power Tennis String

Wilson is a name of trust and reliance when it comes to sports, especially tennis. Maintaining its honorable reputation, the brand introduces the much-appreciated tennis strings, named Wilson Synthetic Gut Powder.

These strings get crafted out of high-quality nylon materials, which strengthens the racquet core and increases the playing efficiency.

It offers better force input and control, which guarantees enhanced results. Also, it significantly accelerates the spin.

The usage of nylon in construction also adds consistency in power that helps the player maintain the game quality. Even more, the lightweight strings augment the maneuverability of the racquet.

It is available in a variation of colors so that you bring a bit of vibrancy to your playing style. The capability of the Wilson Synthetic Gut Powder to induce professionalism in tennis through its integrated design accounts for the massive appreciation.


2. Prince Synthetic Gut

Prince Synthetic Gut Tennis String

Prince Global Sports is one of the leading manufacturers of tennis strings. Amongst the various high-grade tennis strings introduced by the brand, the Synthetic Gut Duraflex has gained massive popularity.

Its monofilament construction offers phenomenal durability, in comparison to others. The single-layer wrapping and solid core bring a crisp feel and higher tensions.

The extraordinary string is available in yellow, white, black, and gold color. Although there’s a stiff feel to this tennis string, it snaps back quickly as the ball comes into contact.

With a diameter of 1.30 mm, the string has the right thickness. Also, the string has a length of 40 foot, which is equivalent to 12.2 meters.


3. Babolat VS Touch

Babolat VS Touch Tennis String

History has already witnessed the proficiency of Babolat in the sports world, and now, the present continues to witness the same. Since 1875 the company has been equipping our racquets with the best of strings, and so we trust their word.

Claiming Gold Standard in terms of playability, convenience, and comfort, the company ensures that VS Touch is one-of-a-kind.

It serves those who have mastered the hits and even for those who are only sidestepping and jumping at the sight of an incoming ball despite having a sturdily built racquet in their hand.

That’s because it delivers an enlarged sweet spot. The 12 meter-long natural gut string offers increased durability, thanks to its Thermogut and BT7 technology.

The layering technologies bring about greater resistance from humidity and provide a combination of power and comfort.


4. Luxilon Big Banger Ace

Luxilon Big Banger Ace 18 Tennis String Set

Serving the industry since 1959, Luxilon aims to see all the players out there, performing their best, untroubled by poorly manufactured sports equipment. For that very reason, the company introduced one of the eight best tennis strings of the present times.

The string features an ultra-thin diameter of 1.12 mm and offers excellent control, spin, and power. The additional fibers bring a softer feel and thus, a responsive sweet-spot.

Not only does it bring about better control and playability built also has the right amount of stiffness. Such a combination serves the needs of advanced players in the best means.

That’s because it brings better control in fast & hard swings. Also, due to the additional stiffness in their strings, the company recommends stringing these strings with 10 percent lower than normal tension.

It ensures a good and consistent tension. Moreover, the Luxilon tennis string has an extruded polyester monofilament structure and features enhanced vibration dampening. It is available in green, lime, red, and blue colors.


5. Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL

Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL Tennis String

Thierry Maissant’s company has been ensuring the well-being of tennis players in the tournaments grounds, as well as the practice grounds. The premium quality tennis strings manufactured by the brand continues to amplify the playability, till date.

Tecnifibre NRG2 is one of the major highlights in the range of tennis strings available in today’s market. The 12.2 meters long multi-filament synthetic string comprises of several microfibers woven together, which brings a natural-gut feel to it.

Apart from increasing playability, it provides greater comfort. With a gauge of 1.32 mm, the Tecnifibre NRG2 is thick enough to last longer but thin enough to provide the required elasticity and flexibility.


6. Solinco-Heaven Strings Hyper-G

Solinco-Heaven Strings Hyper-G

Solinco is an established name in the field of tennis strings production and has achieved worldwide support from tennis players due to its high-quality sports equipment.

The newest addition to the tennis strings collection is the Heaven Strings Hyper-G, which available at many affordable prices.

It has a 16-string gauge, which makes it moderately thick to provide better playability as well as durability.

Also, the company has made it from co-polyester material. Thus, it offers enhanced power and control to the player.

Even more, the monofilament fiber and integrated construction allow the player to spin with more strength and excellence.

However, the Solinco Heaven Strings Hyper-G is not available in a variety of colors, which depreciates its design in comparison to other competitor tennis strings.


7. Wilson Champions Choice Duo

Wilson Champions Choice Duo

Champion’s Choice Duo is yet another masterpiece, produced by one of the leading sports equipment company, Luxilon.

The tennis string happens to be a hybrid of Wilson’s Natural Gut and Luxilon’s ALU Power Rough. Thus, it combines the power and control of the two and offers maximized playability.

The quality of the string is so exceptional that it got even used by Roger Federer, the legendary Swiss tennis player.

The thin gauge of Luxilon ALU Power Rough (1.25mm), when used in combination with Wilson Natural Gut’s (1.30mm) brings a balance of flexibility and stiffness. The ideal blends also ensure better spin and feel.


8. Pro Hexaspin Twist

Pro Hexaspin Twist Blue Tennis String

Newly-founded, the Pro’s Pro is a rising company in the sports equipment and tool manufacturing. As a part of the tennis arsenal series, the Pro’s Pro launched the Pro Hexaspin Twist that has gained massive appreciation globally.

The high-quality tennis strings consist of co-polyester material, which provides a smooth playing experience. Unlike most co-polyester tennis strings, the Pro Hexaspin Twist does not cause detrimental effects on arm or hand due to its stiffness.

The 1.25mm string gauge makes it ideal as it is neither too thick nor too thin. Thus, offering extensive durability along with augmented power and control.

Also, the design of the string makes them capable of maintaining the string tension persistently. Even more, these tennis strings even enhance the spin potential, which is a valuable feature for spinners. The Pro Hexaspin Twist is available in blue color only.


Buyer Guide

As mentioned before, the tennis strings are crucial parts of the racquets, which affects the entire game quality. Thus, it is important to select only the best tennis strings that suit your playing style and requirements. To help you choose only the ideal tennis strings, here is a list of all the things you must consider before you purchase.

String Material

Over time, the string material has evolved greatly with numerous contemporary versions available in the market. Nowadays, there are four commonly used string materials ranging from Natural to Kevlar.

Natural Gut

These particular tennis strings have remained a popular choice amongst professionals and experts. Several reputable brand names like Wilson also prefer the production of natural gut tennis strings as they provide more efficient results.

In correspondence to the name, these tennis strings are made from animal intestines and then, processed. The tennis strings have an unusual smoothness and playability. Also, easy usage makes it suitable for players with elbow or hand issues.


The polyester tennis strings are much harder and firm than other materials. Thus, they are suitable for players who put in a lot of power in every hit.

The firmness of the strings offers definite hits, though the possibilities of string-breaking are high. Also, it has a negative impact on the player’s elbow.

However, the recent, softer versions of the polyester tennis strings have a better design and augmented vibration dampening that reduces the impact on the elbow.


As an affordable option, the synthetic tennis strings replicates the feel and offers almost the same results as of the natural gut. The synthetic tennis strings get created by weaving numerous nylon threads into one string.

Thus, the synthetic strings also get referred to as multi-filament. These strings guarantee power-filled and excellent playability.


Originally, the Kevlar material gets used in making bulletproof vests, which signifies its durability. Currently, no other material offers the same level of durability as offered by Kevlar.

So, if you are searching for durability in your tennis strings, then Kevlar is the best option. However, most of the tennis strings production companies combine Kevlar with softer material so that it provides better playability.

String Thickness

Novice tennis players might not notice the difference between thick and thin of the strings, but an experienced player will do so. It is because the string thickness or gauge significantly influences the playability.

A thicker string offers extended durability and keeps the tension maintained. However, the playability is lesser than that offered by thinner strings.

The thinner tennis strings provide more power, enhances feel, and increases the potential for better spins. However, the thinner strings are less durable.

The thickness of tennis strings gets measured on a scale of 15 ( 1.30-1.40mm) to 19 ( 1.0-1.10mm). So, before you purchase any tennis strings, take some time to consider whether thicker tennis strings or thinner will suit your needs.


Tennis players heavily rely on the quality of tennis strings to bring out the best of shots. A little error of the string material or thickness may depreciate the potential of your winnings in the match.

Thus, it is better to understand your playing requirements first and then select a particular tennis string. If you are unable to comprehend your requirements, then it is wiser to experiment with a few. Read along the best tennis strings compilation to discover your playing partner!

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