What are the Best Volleyball Defense Drills?

In nearly all the sports of the world, players with good offense techniques always take the limelight. But the defense tactics are just a, if not more important, than the offense tactics in the strategy of a game.

The best offense is a good defense. This holds for volleyball as well. Several techniques allow a player to hone their defensive skills and play better using those techniques. The defensive techniques are generally called drills.

The success of any sports team is an amalgamated effort of both their defensive and offensive ends. Both ends need to be strong and work in careful synergy for the team to win.

The main task of the defenders in a good volleyball team is to create a strategy by which they can resist the attacks of the other team. The offensive players of the team do the opposite and attack where the other team is weak. Hence a good volleyball team needs to have strong offenders and defenders.

For a coach, creating good defenders can be a challenging task. Nonetheless, good defenders are a must-have asset for a successful volleyball team. Following are some of the best Volleyball defense drills. Training defenders, according to these drills, will surely help your team’s defending side become stronger.

Bad Set Drill

Team placement is perhaps one of the essential things in this drill. The involvement of two teams is necessary for this drill. Both the teams will stand opposing each other on the court, and the coach will stand on the front right side of the court.

The team will then assume defensive positions. One of the most important factors in this drill is that real game conditions should be followed as much as possible. The coach tosses the ball to any of the hitters and makes his throw either a bad set or a perfect set like in a game.

The hitters will adjust to the throw as they would while playing. A rally is followed, and the teams change their positions after every five throws.

Blocker defense

Another common and useful defense drill is the blocker defense. This drill, too, requires two teams. Both the teams are assembled on opposing sides of the court, and then they are told to assume defensive positions.

The coach then throws one ball each to the hitters on both teams. The drill then begins. The middle blockers assume a position that would allow them to cover tip only as they are not allowed to block or hit.

A score from 5 to 10 is rallied, and the throwing of the ball is alternated between both the teams. Another specification of this drill is that the blockers or defensive players take a step forward while defending their hitters.

Dig or die drill

This drill significantly improves the defensive strategy of a team. This drill involves two teams of five players each. A ball is tossed to one team, and the drill begins. The score is rallied like usual. One of the teams begins to play, and the other focuses on defense.

In this way, both teams get to sharpen their defensive skills considerably. The uniqueness of this drill lies in the fact that a team loses all of its scores if the ball hits the ground on their side of the court. This dramatically increases the focus of the players and hones their defenders significantly.

Defense and Blocking

This drill involves two teams and is used to strengthen blockers and diggers. This is the reason why no quick sets are allowed. The sets that are played include 2s, 4s, and 5s. The coach starts the drill by throwing either a free ball or a down ball.

The score is rallied, and the drill begins. The defense is required to be in the proper position each time. This significantly betters the defensive strategies of both the teams involved in the Volleyball defense drill. Therefore, the defense and blocking drill is used by volleyball coaches all over the world to better their team’s defense end.

Low Ball

This drill is perhaps the most commonly used drill among professional players. It involves only six players. A hitter and five defenders are included in the drill. The hitter stands on a box, or a raised platform near the net and the hitters stand behind the ten-foot line on the other side of the court.

The hitter then selects a defender at random and throws the ball at him. The defender is required to toss the ball high in the air so that the other player can catch it. The ball has to be caught by the defenders before it hits the ground. If a defender fails to resist the attack properly, then they are to leave the drill.

Court Balancing

For the defense of a volleyball team to be successful, it is necessary that the defenders can properly balance the court. Court balancing is very important for a team to win. In this drill, defenders are required to quickly occupy any unoccupied part of their court.

The unoccupied court is an easy weakness and weakens the defense of a team. The drill includes four players, i.e., a hitter and three defenders. All of the players are assembled on the same side of the court.

The defenders are dispersed across the court, and the hitter stands near the net. The hitter selects a defender at random and hits them with the ball. The defender passes the ball to the next defender. This continues until the ball returns to the hitter. The drill begins again.

This drill is extremely important because it not only betters the defensive strategies and skills of the players but also allows them to learn how to balance their side of the court.


Players of a team who are involved in defense need special training in order to strengthen their defensive skills. These Volleyball defense drills are extremely helpful in training the defenders of a team and aiding in the overall success of the team.

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