Privacy Policy

An Overview of Where Our Concerns Exists

Privacy is an essential aspect of our services and what we strive to accomplish. Based on which, sportsbuyguide takes your privacy seriously. Abiding by strict standards and adhering to robust rules and regulation, we intend to keep your information safe and secure.

Collecting Information

Recording of routine data and information about the visitors on the website is standard procedure. When visiting our website, our web page is required to extract standard data from the viewer of the site. This requirement entails collection information such as IP addresses, timestamps, referring pages, browser details and more. The sole purpose of keeping a record of such information is for routine maintenance and providing superior online experience.


This website deploys the use of cookies. When necessary, our web page records the browsing pattern of the visitor for the sole purpose of enhancing user experience. Track record of history is safely maintained to better navigate the visitor across the website to his or her area of concern.

Concerning parties such as advertising partners and other third-party interactions store visitor’s information via cookies and web beacons. The purpose of tracking visitor’s activity on the website is to filter better the data displayed based on their preferences and a prior engagement. Monitoring done by third parties is under the restriction of their servers and fall under the rules and regulations disclosed by their privacy policies.

Rights over Your Information

The privacy policy practices full disclosure, hence the visitor is in control of sharing their information. Before your visit on the website, a formal request for permission will be extended to you. This request will entail asking permission for recording personal information via cookies and web beacons. The visitor has the right to either accept or decline the offer.

The purpose of cookies and web beacons has been already disclosed for authenticity purposes. We recommend enabling cookies to further filter results based on the visitor’s preference. To restrict the website from doing so, the visitor can either disable cookies from their browsers. Or decline the request to use cookies.

Collecting Contact Information

The necessary contact information provided by the visitor will be recorded in administrative and maintenance records. This information will later be used to provide updates to the visitor regarding their area of interest or availed subscriptions. The personal contact information collected will strictly be used for interacting purposes and will not be licensed, leased or sold to third parties.

For answering queries or delivering necessary updates, the contact information collected will be the primary source of communication. Routine interactions or time to time interactions will be engaged by sportsbuyguide to update the visitor regarding new offers, products, services, and necessary deals. In addition to all this, any changes in company policy or privacy policy will be delivered directly to the contact information provided. This disclosure aims to provide excellent services while respecting the privacy of our visitors.

Role of Your Consent

Visitors on our website are deemed fully aware of the privacy policy and have/are providing consensus for the collection and use of their information. The information collected will be used in the ways mentioned prior in this privacy policy. Moreover, the website has the right to make necessary changes in the privacy policy with or without notifying the visitor. Therefore, any visitor using the site will be assumed to have read and agreed to the privacy policy laid forth by sportsbuyguide.

Data protection

The information collected is stored in an alliance with standard data protection procedures. The aim is to not only optimize visitor’s experience but also to protect the information being collected. Data collected via the browser, IP addresses or timestamps along with other measures of the viewer will be treated with utmost care to secure the information extracted. All the data collected will, therefore, be processed as confidential information which is entrusted by the visitor to our website.

Therefore, the data protection policies subjected to the information collected will adhere to the best possible standards. Moreover, we advise you to be aware of the gaps in security while transmitting data via the internet. The privacy policy intends to secure your information fully. However, we do not guarantee full protection against the third party assess.