An Overview of The History of Basketball And How It Evolved Through Time

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the whole world. It is one of the sports that knows no boundaries as it is equally well-known around the globe.

There are plenty of people who love to engage in the sport itself, but only a few who love to know everything about it including the history of the sport and how it has evolved through time. If you are one such enthusiast, then you have landed on the right page.

We have an accurate yet thorough response to the curiosity of your mind that has been questioning where it all began. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the brief history of basketball and get more insight as to how this game became so eminent and renowned.

You have been focusing most diligently on the practical aspects of the sport. Maybe it’s time that you took a break and poured your attention to the theory of it.

Who Invented the Game of Basketball?

What is the history of basketball? Basketball, as we know today, was invented during December 1891 by Dr. James Naismith in Springfield Massachusetts. He used to play a straightforward game called duck on a row where he would take peach baskets, and soccer styled ball.

His game involved attempting to hit the duck off the top of the large rock by throwing another rock on it. He unintentionally invented this game that after a specific time gained much attention throughout the world. He then made 13 rules for the game.

He made two teams out of his class students. Each group consisted of 9 players who were objected to learning how to throw the basketballs into fruit baskets fused with the railing of the gym balcony.

The Rules Given by Naismith Were as Follows:

  • The ball can be thrown in any direction with one or both hands
  • The ball can be batted in any direction with one or more hands
  • A player cannot run with the ball and throw it from where he caught it
  • The ball must be held between hands and not with arms or body
  • No pushing, striking, shouldering and tripping of a competitor
  • If the ball is strike with the fist, it will be considered a foul
  • With three fouls, there is one point for the opponent team
  • When the ball is out of the boundary, it should be thrown back in the field and played by the first player who touched it
  • If the ball stays in the basket, it is considered as a goal
  • Umpire is always the judge of the men
  • The referee is the judge of the ball
  • A Two fifteen minute halves with a five-minute break are the total game time
  • Most side scoring goals are considered as the winner

The Organization Professional Teams, and Leagues

During 1898, the first professional league was played were around six teams took part in the competition and after a hectic tournament; Trenton Nationals were declared to be the winner.

Though this league was abandoned later then, several small championships were organized, but they weren’t a success since many teams only played for the money. During the 1920 and 1930, Eastern Basketball League was found after which several other leagues were made such as Metropolitan Basketball League and American Basketball League.

Basketball in American Colleges

Outside of the YMCA, the most athletic activities of basketball were seen in American colleges. Vanderbilt University was the first one among all who field a basketball team against an outside opponent.

Another very well organized basketball game was the game of Geneva College where their team played against New Brighton YMCA in Beaver Falls.

Amateur Athletic Union took charge from YMCA during 1897 after which professional players from fifteen colleges separately took control of the game making a collegiate called as Basket Ball Rule Committee that later got absorbed into the antecedent of National Collegiate Athletic Association.


After all these tournaments and leagues, the basketball fever was running wild throughout the world. Later in the story of basketball, during June 1932, a real organization for basketball play was found whose primary goal was to coordinate the teams and the tournaments.

That day FIBA (Federation International Basketball Amateur) came into being by the hard work of Greece, Italy, Argentina, Switzerland, Portugal, and Romania. FIBA then worked day and night to make sure basketball gets included during the 1936 Olympics. The first basketball Olympic title was won by the team of the United States and Canada remained the runner-up.

NBA was later found in New York during June 1946 as a significant basketball association of America. The league then embraced the name National Basketball Association (NBA) after unification with their rivals National Basketball League (NBL).

Even in the current century, the NBA remains the most significant and professional basketball league in the entire world when it comes to salaries, popularity, level of competition and talent. It is still working day and night to keep up the name of basketball and to promote more tournaments for professional players all over the world.

American Basketball Organization

ABA was found to work as an alternative of the NBA at its peak popularity time. ABA introduced different rules and game styles as well as tenets for the first time in the brief history of basketball. Many players helped in launching different play styles and empathized on playing above the rims.

The overall ground for ABA was vivacity and enthusiasm in terms of the ball, desolate promotions, manner of gameplay and shooting. Later it got merged with NBA where they made use of some of their new tactics and employed them into future tournaments.

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